What, do I have to talk about myself? What? You want me to talk about myself? Fine I will.

First game I ever played was GoldenEye 007 on the N64 back in 2006. Halo CE came in at second 2 weeks after GoldenEye.

I don't post often than I do back in 2016. I'll try and get on board on whatever topic I find compelling.

Damn it! I accidentally screwed over my bio when I was editing, so here's the half baked one and don't expect me to update this on a 2 weekly basis.

See you in MCC - BTB

Spartan Company

The Waypointers

The Waypointers

We dont know what we're doing.

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Est. 7/13/2017

This company is a group of high schoolers, poor college students, and adults who are figuring out what to do with spare time on their hands. Do you love playing Halo, or are open to the cringe and hilarity of real-life talk? Come join!


    • Do not be rude or insulting to anybody.
    • Ages 14 and younger will not be accepted. Exceptions will be made, but you must prove yourself.
    • Forum Rank matters...actually no it doesn't. Just come and enjoy talking and/or playing. We're open to more than purely Halo, however, that is our basis.
    • We prefer if you're somewhat active, at least, in our Discord server, or even in the official Halo server. If not, that's fine. Just pop in every now and then. Discord or Waypoint work for communicating with us. The link to the Discord server will be given to you if/when you are accepted.
    • No standard invitations will be accepted. We want invitations to be convincing and compelling, and we'd like to know at least a bit about you beforehand.
    • NOTE: We have members in the Discord chat that are members of other companies. Do not use the Discord as a means to incite conflicts between companies. Our Discord is a way to communicate with members of the Company, but first and foremost, it is a method for anyone and everyone across Halo Waypoint to gather and talk as a community. If you hold beef with anyone, take it up privately.
Occasionally we'll hold Custom Game Nights...when we're not too busy with life. It's your chance for us to get to know you and vice-versa. We'll post times and dates in the Discord.

If you have any questions, you may contact Wraith0912, SaneMountain212, or RuthlessSkate94. You may reach us through private messages either here on the forums or on Discord.

See you in the chats, everyone!

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