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i'm a pretty good halo player and have a YouTube channel my youtube name is instinct ghost if you wanna check it out

Spartan Company

I Fireteam Ghost I

I Fireteam Ghost I

Shoot To Kill...

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Est. 4/13/2016

Welcome to I Fireteam Ghost I
Leader: FootedGhost (Halo Youtuber)

Once Enrolled in Fireteam Ghost, you'll be with highly trained, lethal Spartan V's as you will be undergoing the most intense missions in the uttermost secrecy. You will act like Ghosts, Serving Humanity, until your last breath. But Hey, They say Spartans never die, They're just Missing in Action...


Must Be ready to play Arena or Warzone with Company members.

Custom Games and Open Warzone Lobbies will be held regularly :)

It would be most beneficial if you were to have a mic but if not that is fine.

Try to use something apart from the default message, but it is not required.

Must be active at least once every 7 days (or message me otherwise)

MOST IMPORTANT: A Strong Love For Halo :D

See you on The Battlefield!

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