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UNSC Spartan 777 : Code Name 777RECH.
Classified Doctrine. Status 345267T [Y] Primary Subject.
Highly Hostile by Nature.

Sex ~ Male
Eye Color ~ Brown
Hair Color ~ Brown
Height ~ 6'4
Weight ~ 245 Pounds.
Blood Type ~ A+

Status ~ Active Duty


Spartan RECH has been through many of the endless wars starting at early Human-Covenant war February 11, 2525. His goal alongside his coveted fire team Omega Team was to infiltrate the major Covenant Fleet ship and take out its commander in hopes to create a cataclysmic outer space explosion and wipe out the majority of incoming hostile ships. The ship itself was recorded as the second largest scale ship a CSO-class with enough mass to create a small continent on earth. Holding more than 700 enemy Spirit/Phantoms and Banshee space fighters combined. Its leader(s) as there were many on this one ship were unknown but of high value as targets and only the BEST of the BEST were and could be thrown into the fray to fight them.

"There were many and all that denied us entrance died by blade and gun" ~ UNSC SPARTAN TMG DMaleqor777 - Omega Team

Leading the team into the ship was fire team co-leader TMG DMaleqor777 followed by other members rechhyyyy and Red7Star1Sky4. The mission though not a total success went with positive influence as they left the ship with it in ruins. All the ships and munitions destroyed leaving the covenant useless for the most part. This being the deep space behind enemy lines battle it was did not come without price. All of the members of Fire Team Omega were presumed MIA after Spartan Maleqors helmet and dog tags were found floating through deep orbit. Little did they know the Spartans were taken hostage, a whole new story began.

While captured on the Sangheili Covenant planet Sunaion they were captive and taught the ways of the true covenant. Learning new forms of martial art and tactics of war they were released from the chains of the Covenant with a new found respect of the Sangheili way.

Spartan Company

Wruq Neru Pe Odosima

Wruq Neru Pe Odosima

Strength From Unity


13 Members

Est. 11/5/2015

“Wruq Neru Pe 'Odosima”
Dead Servants of the Abiding Truth
Brothers & Sisters of Honor
We are a brotherhood of fellow like minded gamers, we follow the ideals that all creeds and nations are to be respected and intellect and wisdom are to be shared freely. We honor battle and glory in the warzone. Heavy lore.
Founders ~ HelloIMLando ~ Lord Maleqor777 ~ Red7Star1Sky4
In lore our brothers hail from “Sunaion” by the western seas. A lush tropical paradise though its past is etched in the feudal bloods of conflict, the sands stained forever in mercury and hemoglobin of brothers and spartans alike, but in these days it has grown to a tranquility and order unlike any other. From the shores to the temples of enlightenment there is as radiant glow and golden aura shining. The temples hold hidden in its golden walls a monolith of the forerunners lying in wait of the day of reclamation. “Hail the coming transcendence brothers and enlighten your minds”- Sage Lord Maleqor777
·Tenants and Ranks·
Each rank has its history and a lot are implemented the same way the majority of Halo's ranks are (HALO: Reach and HALO5: ARENA being our baseline), with a catch as how to get them. We want our members to feel important and that the ranks are more than some online title. We want you to feel respected and noted for your accomplishments as they are incredible. ·All ranks are given AFTER proof of completion has been verified by a Company Leader. Proof can be sent to a Company Leader via Xbox screenshot or video.·

~ Company Alpha
The front line hopefuls. COMPANY LDR RANK: SERGEANT

      • Recruit - Start out rank and initiation class. Have a Arena Rank of at least Bronze 1 in one matchmaking category.
      • Private - Win a casual match VS a current member 3 times.
      • Corporal - Assassinate 3 enemy's in a matchmaking game. Progress a commendation to level 5/5
      • Sergeant - Company LDR rank initiation. Win 3/3 rounds VS a Company Beta Member.
~ Company Beta

      • Warrant Officer - Lead a group of clan members to a victory 5 times in matchmaking WARZONE.
      • Captain I - Win a casual match VS a current group of members 3 times.
      • Captain II - Assassinate 6 enemy's in a matchmaking game. Progress 5 commendation's to level 5/5
      • Captain III - Have a Arena Rank of at least Silver 1 in one matchmaking category.
      • Lt. Colonel - Company LDR rank initiation. Win 3/3 rounds VS a Company Charlie Member in a S.W.A.T match.
~ Company Charlie

      • Nova - Have a Arena Rank of at least Gold 1 in one matchmaking category.
      • Forerunner - Lead divisions of members through countless victory's (50 more wins than losses in Warzone)
      • Reclaimer - Win a casual match VS a current group of members 5/5 times
      • Mythic - Company LDR rank initiation. Win 3/3 rounds VS a AOΩ in a S.W.A.T match.
~ The End of the Journey
The last rank and most esteemed "higher up" you can get. At eyes level with the Founders of the clan they have the power to run the clan as they see fit when founders aren't present. Make decisions we know are factual and need to be done. We hold them to the highest regards with the expectation that they will LEAD TO BE FOLLOWED! Your dedication will not go unnoticed as we will commemorate your valiant efforts in literal form throughout history. ~ Sage Red7Star1Sky4

      • Ω Arbiter Omega

What we do

      • Achievements, Skull Hunting, Legendary, ect. Working together to unlock achievements is always fun, and you will find active players who are willing to help here.
      • Map Building ·We're planning to create a full on lore based Map for WNPE any and all work will be credited by the helpers.·
      • Custom Games with random giveaways and close end tourneys, good luck.
      • YouTube video creations fun collaborations. Currently setting up the YouTube and preparing various videos for upload.

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