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Project Mljnoir

Project Mljnoir


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Est. 10/31/2017

Welcome to Project Mjolnir.

This Spartan company is for those who are nostalgic about classic halo and stand out among other players in warzones, firefights, and breakouts and become legends while wearing those iconic Mjolnir armor.

As the name implies, we are a company that play halo multiplayer matches while wearing the different versions of the Mjolnir armors and helmets from all the halo games. These include the simple and sleek design of the Mark V to the more detailed and gritty Mark VI. We are both a casual and competitive group of players who like to play halo as it was meant to be: a timely classic with all the armor customization that have evolved for combat over the years. So if you like to cosplay as Master Chief, fire team, or any of the well known Spartans who have worn any of these armors, then this is the place for you.

As mentioned earlier, we will be wearing all the different varieties of the Mjolnir armors when playing halo matches. They will include:

- Mk. IV
- Mk. V alpha
- Mk. VI Gen 1
- Mk. VI Gen 2 and all variations
- EOD helmet
- CQB helmet
- Security helmet
- EVA helmet
- Mk. V delta helmet

However, we aren't just limited to those picks. We will also be having armors outside of the Mjolnir series, which will be:

- Heliiskrill
- Helljumper
- Nightfall
NOBLE team sets
- Vigilant
- Indomitable
- Wrath
- Intruder
- Noble
- Decimator

Like most other Spartan companies, we will be working towards achieving the Achilles armors so we will need active players online in order to obtain it. While working towards this goal we'll also be completing challenges.and commodations when playing multiplayer game modes, which are warzones, arena matches, and sometimes custom games. For custom games we will be playing minigames and matches on classic themed maps with specific armors, ex. Halo ce, 2, 3, reach, etc. The Spartan company will have four divisions for players based on their skill level and experience with the game. They are:

  • Marines- for players with low experience and noncompetitive
  • ODSTs- for players less experienced but can complete matches
  • Spartans- players that are more competitive and can work effectively as a team
  • Elites- the more competitive players that can defend themselves and win multiplayer matches
Requirements to join:
- Must have any of the armors listed above
- Must be at least age 13+ and up
- Be an active member (if inactive for long periods of time, please message the leader or you will be removed)
- Have a Mic in order to communicate (if able to manage without one, we can make arrangement)
- Have the kik app to chat with other members
- Give a review of your Spartan profile in your request ( gamertag, k/d ratio, time played, etc). The more detailed your message is, the better chance you have of being accepted.
- Reasons for joining the company

Please do not send the default request message as it will most likely be ignored and not accepted.

We are also looking for players with any forging experience so we can create bases, custom maps, and minigames. If you are a forger and would like to help us out, be sure to include any information about your skills and any forge/prefabs you have made ( make sure you can PROVE your work). If you have any questions about joining or other things about the Spartan company, message the leader via xbox or kik chat. We hope to find any players interested in this club and socialize with each other over xbox. If your a nostalgic player reliving the glory days of halo and still wear the Mjolnir armors, come check out this Spartan company if interested in joining.

See you in the next match ;)

Leader: J NOBLE 1180
Kik username: J_NOBLE_1180

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