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-Personal Background-
Full Name: James *. *******
Affiliation: Blue Team
Participated within the clan community in 4-11-2011 until 10-14-2018.


Side Note,
Honestly, I'm a very optimistic Halo fan. However, I am really analytical when it comes to providing harsh criticism for content whether it be Maps, Fiction, or Screenshots. Nothing is truly safe from my critique. I really enjoy the Lore of the Halo Universe and having discussions regarding said lore.

Spartan Company

UNSC BlueTeam

UNSC BlueTeam

Only the Hard, Only the Strong

10 Members

Est. 10/19/2015

Group Est. Nov 8, 2014
Former Spartan Company Names//

Spartan Program (10/19/2015 - 1/22/2017)

UNSC Battlegroup Dakota (1/22/2017-7/7/2018)
(Expanded to include Marines and a Navy).

UNSC Infinity INF 101 (7/7/2018-10/15/2018)
(Name changed for lore accuracy).

UNSC BlueTeam (10/25/2018-Present)
(To a loyal group of capable friends)

Group Name Legacy//
  • Project Olympus - During it's early infancy working on the development of this project and what training and content it would produce.
  • Spartan Program - This only consisted as a Spartan Group where it included Spartan IIIs and IIs however both served as different combat roles.
  • UNSC Battlegroup Dakota - Expanding the group to include our Marine Corps and Navy.
  • UNSC Infinity INF 101 - Contiue to include the Marines Corps and Navy, this change was simply for lore accuracy and to keep our group a bit more focused around a designated ship.

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