I am a big fan of the entire halo universe from Finland :)

So far i have all halo games from Halo CE to Halo 5.

Please, go check out my Youtube channel :) Link below. And Don't forget to follow my gaming insta acc! :P

Spartan Company

H5 Team Divinity

H5 Team Divinity

The Only One


22 Members

Est. 9/17/2016

"Our time is Now"

Let's start with the fact that we're not a clan composed of squeakers and randoms. No, we're a team that likes to play H5 Big Team Battle. We don't require you go through stupid training programs or spend many hours online. We just like to play as a team which means that the only thing you have to do is to play with other TD members and be good. Simple as that. We'll try to set up TD lobbies whenever we have enough people online.

We're a semi-sweaty company, because our main goal is just to have fun :) By fun, we mean getting heaps of kills :P and having good wins.

Current allies/friends.
- Inheritor Descendants
- Allegiance
-The Rands

1. alliances are not official, they are friendships with members from those groups.
2.ShadowX135 has connections with many people: Godesss YouTube channel, members of project unity, and halo reach players from 2010.
3. Our players are of high quality and mics are preferred but not compulsory. 16+ to join. Team players only. You don't need a high k/d but over 1.5 is good. Our usual rolling times are 9pm-2am AEST
4. As a member you can get your gameplay videos uploaded to YouTube for free! Just ask Jartzanator96, HTK Gha11a or ShadowX135 to upload gameplays. Note that only ShadowX135 does montages.
5. We are always aiming to improve. Never settle for mediocrity :) all sweaty players with 8v8, 4v4 or 2v2 experience welcome.
6. Every decent player is welcome to join, but in order to join our lineups, you have to show your skills by playing with the leadership.

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