A Reach Kid that has finished every halo campaign in some way, shape or form

The first Halo game I ever played was Halo 2

I only play Xbox on the weekends

I had a 50% win loss ratio...then infection and warzone firefight came out

Spartan Company

What Team

What Team

Dammit Josh!


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Est. 10/19/2015

Not the most hardcore players but we like to have a fun laid back time playing halo, messing around with forge in hilarious ways and having dumb fun.

-If you would like to Join, send a message JunkySundew9's way, customize it, and say a little bit about your time in halo.

JunkySundew9- Leader | he runs most of what goes on. Game Nights, mostly anything that needs organization.

Smellybag17- Second in command? | Just don't ever ask him to drive a warthog

SmokedDog588985- Second in command | He's the only competitive spirit in this Spartan Company, achillies

Disclaimer: All gamenights will be held on weekends.

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