I'm a marksman who spends most of his time hitting surgical headshots with the sniper in both Arena and Warzone.

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The Ephorate

The Ephorate

The Weight of Your Heresy


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Est. 9/19/2019

The Ephors were leaders of ancient Sparta and shared power with the two Spartan kings. The Ephorate was a council of elders, who swore "on behalf of the city" while the kings swore on behalf of themselves.

Asa forewarning:
At the current time, most of our members have already completed the Achilles set and are gearing up the company for increased activity once Halo: Infinite drops.

There are currently no quotas for gameplay activity, so members are welcome to play any gametype they desire for the time being. However, even though most of us have completed the full Achilles Set, we are sympathetic to helping those who joined our previous company late, as well as any new members, who have yet to achieve the ACHILLES CHEST Piece.
**Members are required to join our Company's Discord Server**

If you are unaware of how to join, please refer to the links below for an explanation:

Please note that we do not use the PAID version:
How to create your Discord Account

Please note there are different processes for Apple and Android devices:
How to Join a Discord Server Once You Have Been Invited

Many more members from our previous company are expected to be joining at their leisure. Yet there will still be some spots open for new applicants, so please feel free to apply in the meantime.

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