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OC: Christian-B122
Name: Christian [Redacted; assigned “Squires” by commanding officer, later changed by choice to “Mendez”]
Date of Birth: March 5th, 2535
Homeworld: Pacifica
Like the rest of Spartan-III Beta Company, Christian-B122 was “enlisted” in 2539 by the Office of Naval Intelligence from his homeworld of Pacfica, a heavily-miliaterised and pro-UNSC planet in the mid Outer Colonies.

Like the vast majority of Beta Company (and S-III recuirts as a whole), Christian was a war orphan. Unlike them, he had not seen his planet burned; both of his parents died in the line of duty when their ship, the frigate UNSC Overwhelming Victory, rammed a Covenant carrier over New Constantinople, dragging the ship down to a fiery death at the cost of their own lives. Christian, who had seen their deaths on the news and heard the ship’s last transmission (the Pacifican war anthem “Roll On Columbia, Roll On”, sung by the entire crew) and burned with the love of war and combat that all Pacifican’s were born with, jumped at the chance to join in the fight against the Covenant in any way, shape, and form.

As his training progressed, Christian was found to have an aptitude and an “apatite”, almost, for close quarters combat, specifically that involving bladed weapons and/or his hands. He currently holds the majority of the kill records in this area, not enough to make him a hyper lethal vector, but close. He received extensive training in this area, and showed such proficiency within (and because his genetic template matched that of Spartan-II project, putting him into the “cat 2” group Lt. Ambrose considered “too valuable” to send on suicide missions with the rest of the Company, similar to Spartans B320 and B312) ONI had him attached to Beta-5s Asymmetrical Action Group (“Operators”).

In this role, he fought from the 2540’s (escaping the death that hit the majority of Beta at Pegasai Delta) to the very end of the Human-Covenant War, fighting on Reach until it fell and escaping with his personal Spartan Operator unit Yellow Team, consting of fellow Beta Company S-III’s Hester-B027 and Echo-B413 and rounded out by recently-graduated Gamma Company Spartan’s Matt-G303, Kelly-G113, and Coraline-G011, and several hundred Troopers and refugees to Pacifica.
As soon as the war ended, and ONI began the S-IV program, Christian was once again given the chance to fight. He jumped once again, and was assigned new armor and a position aboard the UNSC Seattle, one of the few ships besides the Infinity to host Spartan-IV’s.
After five years aboard the Seattle, Christian was re-transfured to the Infinity following the attack on New Pheonix and the mission to Requiem six months later. There, he was reuinted with Yellow Team and given tactical command of them once more against the Covenant occupation forces and the indiginess Forerunner AI’s.

Following the end of the Requiem conflict, and the slow but sure dismantling of the Covenant by the Swords of Sangheilios and the UNSC, Christian found himself with less missions and more free time. Not wanting a perfectly good supersoldier to go to waste, Spartan Command transferred him, and the entirety of Yellow Team, off the Infinity and to Pacifica, officially changing Christian’s designation from field operative to planetary liaison, allowing the Spartan Branch to work directly with Pacifica’s armories and weapons designers.

It was in this position that Christian witnessed the rise of the Guardian from under the city of Tahoma…and days later, the return of it, the enforcement of Cortana’s new Mantle.
Now he leads Yellow and the Pacifica Guard against the reborn AI’s Prometheans, defending his home once again.

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Fierce Connection

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Est. 4/11/2016

Congratulations to my fellow Spartans in Fierce Connection. We have the Achilles Armor piece and on our way to getting the Helmet. All that stands between it and us is a few thousand Marine kills.

Welcome to Fierce Connection, Run by veterans playing since the original Halo, our current mission is simple, it is to obtain the ultra rare armor, Achilles. We're here to be a Fierce threat to other spartan companies and all other Spartans. We are not here just to play, we are here to win and to win and to win and have much fun while doing that until we are known throughout all Halo. We are Power, We are Savages, We are Fierce Connection. Prepare for WAR!!!!!

To those looking to join our company, a note; WE CANNOT ACCEPT YOU IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN A COMPANY. You have to leave whichever one you are currently in. Don't do so until you get a message from us though, otherwise you might end up in trouble.


This goes for all of you guys asking to join (and boy there sure seem to be a lot of you all of a sudden); if you want in, you gotta play Warzone. Not a huge amount, we're not task masters. But play some of it and dont solo-Arena. And CERTAINLY don't play a lot of stuff like Infection, SWAT, Breakout, or basically anything Ranked, because we need vehicles and Marines and you cant get either of those there. BTB is alright, (for the moment) cause you can get vehicle kills there. Everything else, not so much.
The Sting reached level 152 on 2/18/18(lol)

Remaining Requirements (updated daily or so)

3931 Ground Vehicle Kills (Reminder; Warthog turrets dont count for this! Its gotta be a tank, Ghost or Gungoose. Dont forget to use em against Marines too)

And 7239 Marine Kills (Little challenge for all of you; every time you play Halo 5, try and get 25 Marine kills. Just 25. That'll make it easy. Also, Warzone Turbo when its on is an amazing place to get these since most people are more interested in grinding.)

A Small Suggestion From Command If you guys happen to be online and you see a company member playing, send them a party invite, or a game invite. From personal experience I can tell you this is a heck of a lot easier to grind when you've got someone to work with. Don't be afraid to reach out, we're all doing this together, and who knows, you might make a friend or two.

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