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Spartan Company

Shadows of the UNSC

Shadows of the UNSC

Officially, we don't exist


3 Members

Est. 11/3/2015

If you want your spartan's background to read "redacted", this company is for you. The Shadows of the UNSC are mercenaries who are unofficially ordered to take out enemies by any means necessary. They are personally responsible for hundreds of major targets disappearing.
If anyone says no such spartan team exists, that just means we are doing our job right.

Looking for:
-Players who want to be part of a fun company
-Players of all types (arena, warzone, campaign, forging)

-Players who are willing to help other members of the company(with PVP, campaign, forging, etc)

If you like the name and description, click the join button. We look forward to our ranks filling up.

About the Leader:
My name is ShadowSeth86, I started my Halo career back on Halo 2 for the Xbox. I have played each halo since then and have always been a fan. My favorite thing to do in halo is forging, and I look forward to having that mode available in December. I am also hoping some of the members are willing to help with forge. I am more than happy to help with anything the members need such as achievements, legendary run, and multiplayer assistance. I look forward to anyone who wants to join

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