If I told you, it wouldn't be classified anymore.

Spartan Company

The BloodElitesClan

The BloodElitesClan

"Our Loyalty Stands"


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Est. 10/21/2016

Welcome to BLC, Official Spartan/Sangheili Company
The BloodElitesClan
"When all has been lost, our loyalty stands."
KogaGmente III ~ Founder 1st Command
Gunsliger1998m- 2nd Command (Contact via Xboxlive)
D3monD3stroyer- 3rd Command (Contact via Xboxlive)

Our Clan Video

Currently Restoring Former BLC back to it's Honor. We're going to try and find some active members.
Our clan is meant for the Unity of soldiers. Both Elite and Humans are allowed in this Halo Universe and we're here to show that. This clan was originally started to rebel against spartans, but that changed as time went on. We gave it the Name BLC. As a team we co-operate with each other regardless of our ranks, but at the same time should and will respect each others ranks in the clan.
We've gone by many names, III, GNGA, but mostly known as BLC.
We're not that competitive but at times we will get competitive when the time comes. And we will train when the time comes.
THE BloodElitesClan (BLC)

  • Active MEMBERS
~You must try keep in touch with the group at all times. Check in about every week.
~If these rules are not met you will eventually be removed from the group. Remember for activity try your best to keep in touch. For long periods of being away contact KogaGmente III Directly.

Don't let these requirements hold you back from requesting to join our Company. We're always looking for people to join. We won't expect you to hold these if your new.
We basically will just be spending time together on Halo building our friendships as we try to reach our end goals.
I am also active almost everyday so send me a message if you wish to talk. My Gamertag: KogaGmente III

Our Main Goals:
TO Train~
Build Friendships~

Our Side Goals:
Paring up in match making a lot~
Having fun~

If you have questions don't hesitate to ask.

  • How do I become a Lieutenant?
Lieutenants must follow and be consistent with the Requirements & and not using any opt out options in the requirements. Prove they can manage and maintain time management.

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