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Founder and Leader of The Vigilant Accord - [TVA]. Survivor of the Social Collapse of 2012.
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Spartan Company

The Vigilant Accord

The Vigilant Accord

Gold in Peace, Steel in War.


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Est. 1/9/2020

"The Vigilant Accord is a small tight-knit community dedicated to not just Halo, but gaming in general."
- Adam S. H. Coggins.

"The Vigilant Accord consists of both PC, PlayStation, and Xbox users. Our purpose is to unite the gaming community in the name of pro-consumer practices and fun, because if we aren't having fun, what's the point? Exactly, there is none.
That's why we exist, to not only enjoy playing with each other, but to also put our feet down together against bad gaming business practices. Now, if you're curious about further information relating to our little group, we have a Discord, that of which is linked under our "Website." We're a little bit on the "EDGY" side and we never stray away from making the non-politically-correct stance, so if you're easily offended by jokes, or by jabs... You're not eligible. Also, if you're curious about our ranks, here is a clear listing and explanation of each. Keep in mind, you level up in The Vigilant Accord by participating in conversations and activity in the Discord."
Grand Admiral [Level 90-100]
Noble Commander [Level 70-90]
Riflemen: Specialist - [Specializes in Basic Combat]
Grenadier: Specialist - [Specializes in Grenades and Explosives]
Marksmen: Specialists - [Specializes in Ranged Combat]
Machine Gunner: Specialist - [Specializes in Machine Guns and Heavy Weapons]
Spartan Ranger: Operator - [Level 60-70]
Elite Helljumper: Operator - [Level 50-60]
Praetorian Commando: Operator - [Level 40-50]
Shock Trooper: Operator - [Level 20-40]
Cadet/Recruit: Enlisted - [Regular In The Group] - [Level 10-20]
Rookie/Shinie: Enlisted - [New To The Group] - [Level 0-10]
If you're curious about anything else, privately message me on either HaloWaypoint, Discord, or YouTube. My YouTube is listed on my Profile, same as my Discord.

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