"A sentinel's watch never ends. That pool of light is his last message to any creatures of darkness, that no matter how many simulated realities they kill us in, we can still persist despite their best efforts. Saint-14 is an inspiration to every sentinel. Speaking personally, I know I and many other sentinel brethren would build him a tomb of our light that would last an eternity. The light of Saint-14's shield cannot fade, as it lives through the rest of ours. Every time we summon the shield, we honor his name" - Ghost - 11

I’m prone to be Cocky & Sometimes a Great sense of humor

I have the hate of stupidity & toxicity so please keep those to yourself (Especially Toxicity)

Halo 2 is my passionate childhood game, been playing with my brother since its release till I've gotten a 360 around 25th December 2012, I like Halo 3 but only the Backwards Compatible version (Even though there are lag issues I prefer it more than the MCC)

I'm also an Australian who enjoys soccer, prefers the outdoors

My Ranks across every Halo series-
Halo 3- Social Rank : Corporal Grade 2
Halo Reach- General Grade 4 (Slowly making progress)
Halo 4- Sr-130 (Mastery)
Halo 5 Guardians- 147 (Bloody still)

Spartan Company

Winter Contingent

Winter Contingent

Is this Madness?

81 Members

Est. 10/19/2015

•We are Winter Contingent•

Here, you can read what we're all about, from our motives and priorities, all the way down to our expectations and requirements to joining.

•We try to run Warzone, Warzone Assault, and Arena lobbies everyday. Full Fireteams.


The Company has three primary priorities set:

•Priority Number One: Have fun. The Company was built upon players getting together, and just having a good time.

•Priority Number Two: Always show fairness and respect. If you are disrespectful towards other members, it will result in removal from the Company.

•Priority Number Three: Establish internal Company tournaments, and eventually extend the offer out to other companies in regards to competing.

We play for fun and competition depending on the situation and game mode. The use of microphones is preferred, but not required. We are varied in skill and we welcome any active Halo 5 player. Please be respectful to other players, inside and outside of the Company. Lastly, try not to quit matches, especially during competitive games.
We primarily play Halo 5 and occasionally play MCC on Xbox One. We will play other Halo games via backwards compatibility on Xbox One.

We arrange gaming nights, where we will play custom games on both Halo 5 and MCC. A good amount of Company members also have their accounts linked on as well, but if you do not, it is not required, but is recommended to do so, as we use the mobile app as another means to communicate with each other.


•Are you dedicated to the game, and maintain a decent amount of activity?
•Do you interact with other players in a respectful manner?

•Please proceed to send us a request even if we are full. We are always considering allowing in new players.


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