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BrotherHood Of God

BrotherHood Of God

"Freedom Is Everyone's Right"

28 Members

Est. 10/25/2015

/Brotherhood Of God: Data Base\

The BrotherHood of God is lead by its Kings, Brother Ikelos, Brother WarPig, Brother Blaze54, Brother MJ16, and Father Prophet! We are a militarized, hybrid organization.

Our clans birth was on December 17th 2004, on Halo 2. Our founder, Father Primus created this clan and intended for it to be a place of happiness and brotherhood. After many years of leading us, life called and he moved on, nevertheless, his legacy was passed down to another man, a man who would merge his legacy with Primus, that man was Brother Dova, who later became known as Father Prophet. He lead the Brotherhood through countless battles and bestowed great leadership, and friendship to everyone, and damnation to those who would corrupt the peace.

The Brotherhood continues its campaign to seek out peace and happiness, in hopes that the Brotherhood can become one of the biggest clans that isn't focused on fighting other clans or having the best players, the Brotherhood is a place for all to enjoy the halo franchise, and other games.

BHOG Rules & Guidelines
1. Appearing offline is forbidden.
2. Skipping intentionally, and ignoring kings will result in explosion.
3. If you are found not participating or giving an honest effort in training you will be demoted and dismissed.
4. Claiming a rank, or title that you have not been bestowed upon by Kings or the Monarch will result in demotion.
5. Sentries are to be treated as Kings, when hosting training, they will report any hostility, negative attitudes or unsportsmanlike conduct.
6. Causing another member harm, mentally, physically or in regards to their Xbox Live account will result in removal form the clan, permanently.
7. The emblem and service tag given to you by the clan is mandatory to wear at all times. Dress code is not an option.

1. Trainings will be Monday - Friday, with Mon - Wed - Fri being main training days (BTB, Warzone, Slayer) while Tue - Thur will be sub-training days (Custom, Raids).
2. Discipline training will be hosted every week, the day of the discipline training will only be told to the king hosting that day. It will be different every week.

Requirements for all members that must be followed now!
1. Add Father Propet, Brother Warpig, Brother MJ16, Brother Zealot, Brother Ikelos, and Brother Blaze. (Add them right now)
2. You are required to show up to at least three sessions a week, if you are online you aren't excused if you've already come for 3 days. You must come.
3. You are to spread the name of the Brotherhood of God. You are to respect and maintain its glory and keep its name strong.

Clans start: 2004

Leader: Father Prophet
Co-leaders (In Order): Brother MJ16, Brother Ikelos, Brother Blaze54, Brother Zealot, Brother Wisdom and Brother Warpig

Training Days; Currently:
Monday- BTB - Slayer
Tuesday- Raids - Custom Games (Optional Training - Forge / Map Coverage / Discipline)
Wednesday- Slayer - Warzone
Thursday- Raids - Custom Games (Clan Meetings and Alliance Meetings)
Friday- BTB - Warzone


    • Red Fro: Precision Division {Lead by FXrgiveness} (Snipers, DMR's, BR's, Carbines ect.)
    • Blue Fro: Demolition Division {Lead by Brother MJ16} (Rockets, Lazers, Chainguns, ect. As well as all Vehicles. All Forgers and Art Team members report here.)
    • Green Fro: CQC Division {Lead by Brother Blaze54} (Shotguns, Energy Swords, Needlers, SMG's, AR's ect.)
    • Black Fro: {Lead by Father Prophet} (Apocalyptic Division, if you bear the emblem of Black, you have the potential to become a King).


  • Ultra-Guard: {Lead by Brother Ikelos} (Once an Ultra Guard, you are given the privilege to defend the Kings and attend classified clan meetings)
  • King: (All Kings are to wear the Grey {Gunmetal} background).

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