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Trust isn't given away freely, It has to be truly earned.
The enemy will always be FOTUS
Be persistent, be unrelenting

Spartan Company

Fist Of The Unicorns

Fist Of The Unicorns

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Est. 10/19/2015

Who are we:

We are the FOTUS. FOTUS stands for "Fist of the Unicorns". Our group was founded on May 26th, 1998 from the original Unreal game. Previously known as "Triple X" we made our name in the online community with many victories and the constant respect we have given. We currently have over 46,000 subscribers on our YouTube, 30,000 on our Twitter, and lastly on our Facebook with 25,000 members in our group! We have been here for years, and we won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Respect for all is our goal.

What we stand for:

We stand committed to Excellence and fun, Integrity of Character and respect for the heritage received from the FOTUS who have carried the sword and shield before us.

The Founder(s):

Ezra Romanov:1991- (FOTUS) Actor, Singer, Gamer, and Game Maker from Russia. I have been running this community since 1998 until 2005 with my best friend Sacha. He was killed in 2005 and from there I have been running the community in his memory. Much like me, he wanted a place for players to have fun and get along.

Sacha Shibinov:1989-2005 (SUTOF) Sacha was the other founder to the FOTUS (Triple X). You will see on many games that I include a memorial spot for him where I can. He was probably the nicest person I knew. I still hold him in my heart and will run this community for years to come!


Here are the links to my music and other FOTUS links!

Music Links and other sites I am on:


Official FOTUS Links:



FOTUS: 1th Generation Member & 1th In Command (Founder).
The Gr8 Dandino 5th Generation Member and 2nd in Command.
FOTUS 1th: 1th Generation Member and 3rd in Command.


CoDyThEgReAt58: 10th Generation Member, 4th in Command.
FOTUSYNTHESIS 4th Generation Member, 5th in Command.

Original Founder(s)

FOTUS: 1th Generation Member & 1th in Command. (Original owner of the account.)
SUTOF: 1th Generation Member & 2nd in Command. (Account now ran by a 3rd gen veteran member and not a leader currently retired.) In loving memory of Sacha S. 12/31/1989-5/25/2005).

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