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Writer of Halo Fanfiction
Currently serving United States Marine
Clan Leader of Assassin Empire (AE) UNSC Halcyon
The Ark Discord Server Admin

Spartan Company

AE UNSC Halcyon

AE UNSC Halcyon

Masters Of Dealt Hands


9 Members

Est. 7/6/2017

**__Æ UNSC Halcyon Recruitment__**

__Overview:__ We're an older clan that started on halo 3 towards the end and moved on to reach. UNSC based clan that will take non-human forces like Sangheili, etc. as long as they follow our values as a UNSC clan.

__Clan Age:__ Began in 2008

__Goal:__ Create a nice clan environment for all of our members to enjoy and feel at home at. To work for the clan members and help them out to get better and have a place they feel comfortable relaxing in. Not to be overly restrictive of our members while still following a set amount of rules. To let all of our members feel equal no matter their rank when relaxing and not doing serious clan stuff. To become the clan everyone knows and wants to join and call home.

__Platforms:__ MCC (primarily) and H5 (not as common)

__Branches (Looking for leaders of branches without leaders):__
•Air Force "Howlers"
•Freelancers "PFL"
•Security "Eternal Flames"
•AE Comp Team

__Needed Things:__
•Any leadership experience

•Working mic
•Have MCC Reach or H5 (prefer MCCR)
•Be 14 years old (prefer 17 or older, exceptions can be made)
•Have Discord or ability to obtain it
•Join Æ Discord Server
•Do at least 1 clan activity a week
•No double clanning

-Clan Leader:


-Branch Leaders:
•Army XO:
•Marines CO:
•Security CO:
•Spartan CO:

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