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Sangheili Profile

Name: Luro Voram

Rank: Sangheili Heavy Ranger
(I would also be counted as a Sangheili Minor.)

Secondary ranks: Architect (Forger, primarily in Halo: Reach)

Weaponry of choice: Plasma Launcher, Needler, (Beam Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Energy Sword)

Vehicles/Aircraft of choice: Revenant, Wraith, Banshee

Fleet/Clan: Currently none. I am also not looking to join any Fleets for the time being. However, I am open to the idea of being affiliated with a Fleet, acting as something like a Mercenary or an outside helper.

Games: Halo: Reach (Halo 2 (<When forge is released), Halo 3 and potentially Halo: Infinite, when they release.) (Halo 5: Forge Bundle)

Preferred playstyle: Casual.

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