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|Veteran| We Need A6hilles!

Shooting for Onyx.

Leader of the fleet.|On hold|

What I want most, is to be in the big leagues. First I start slow, but progressing my way up. Team I'll bring back is |TSM|.

They should add duel wield back :D

I played halo sense it came out an right now, halo is not look so well. 343 fix the buildings it looks very bad such as the armor.

My goal: Make Halo great again! XD

"Stop looking into the future an start look whats in front of you." Project Lust

Spartan Company

We Need A6hilles

We Need A6hilles

Forward unto Achilles

28 Members

Est. 6/29/2016

Welcome to the 6th Achilles branch. Here, we were dedicated enough to have obtained the company exclusive Achilles armor set.

Armor obtained: 2:55pm 10/16/2016
Helmet obtained: 2:34pm 3/31/2017

If you join us, you will not be able to obtain the Achilles Armor set any longer.

If you wish to join an active company, join us in The Eleven Seven, where we will be obtaining the armor and helmet for others who wish to EARN the Achilles set. Read the description upon clicking that link.

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