Hey guys my name is Matt, I'm a Marine, a father and a long-time halo fan. I've been playing halo since Combat Evolved with my favorite being Halo 2. I'm a little obsessed and enjoy discussing all things halo - the game development, lore..ect. I recently began streaming on beam pretty often an If you catch me playing 4v4 arena you'll quickly see how intense i can get when it comes to competitive gameplay. I play to win, and when i don't, although flustered, i am continuously trying to improve myself as well as those i play with. The squad i usually roll with are constantly communicating and striving for perfection.

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IoN Saviors

IoN Saviors

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Est. 7/5/2016

Hello viewer! Congratulations on making it to IoN's side of Halo Waypoint!

The Saviors Company is open to anyone and everyone!
If you are currently part of the Saviors Company and would like to transfer over to the Legends company Please Message ION Sinister.

If you want to join don't leave your company request its default message. IT WILL BE REJECTED.

IoN's History
We began in Halo 4 and have continued our campaign to grow and prosper into Halo 5 Guardians.
Whether you're a competitive player looking to work on team or individual skill, or a casual player looking for a fun experience to share with others, IoN caters to both.

IoN's Goal
IoN aims to have a fun, fair, and respectful atmosphere that everyone can enjoy, of course this cant happen without a list of rules.
They are the following:

IoN's Code of Conduct
1. We don't tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct to fellow members of ION which includes teabagging, shooting, or punching dead bodies etc.

2. There are no armor color uniforms enforced practices, tournaments, or clan battles. We do ask that you have your rank in your service tag for practices though (if applicable).

3. We don't abandon ION members in matchmaking.

4. We don't discriminate neither should you.

5. Must be 15 years or older. Exceptions can be made by the squad general.

6. ION should be your only Xbox clan.

7. We don't harass our people verbally or non verbally etc.

8. Show all members respect.

9. We ask for no cheating, modding, hacking, or modded controllers in practice or tournaments.

10. We don't tolerate drama, no exceptions!

11. Have your motto/bio set to the proper format.

IoN's side goal
IoN has yet to reach the famous Achilles armor, teaming up with others in IoN will help yourself and the other members steamroll our way to this goal. So if possible, make sure no ones left out!

IoN's Schedule
We have game nights every night at 8:00 p.m eastern to 9:00 p.m eastern. We also have late game nights at 12:00 a.m estern to 1:00a.m estern, with the exception of Sunday or holidays.

IoN's other sources
You May also visit our website by clicking the link down below for even more information about ourselves and to also see what kind of activities we are up to! Also make sure to join our club, which is named IoN Saviors, this is mandatory if you wish to join! The club is where you may see an even more detailed version of our schedule such as what kind of game night we'd have that day, and who's hosting it. Lastly, we communicate on a daily basis over kik for mobile devices, this is not mandatory, just suggested.

For more information message, contact any of our officers: ION Sinister, scarface9696, IoN Ares or MadFuzzy Man.

Hope to welcome you to the IoN family

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