There is no in-game achievement that is unattainable.

When plugged in I focus on FULL completion of all console and game achievements/commendations/awards. If I have to get 1,000 spartan kills with a plasma pistol to earn an award. Watch your back cause I'm comin for YOU.

I never play any game on easy the 1st run through. I max up the difficulty setting before the smell of fresh plastic fades from opening a new game jacket.

Currently working on improving my KDA in Halo 5 Guardians and 2 Breakout commendations (unstoppable & against all odds)

I welcome any team member to add me as a friend. I check to see who's playing when I'm on and join in games/parties when possible.


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Achilles Status 24/31


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Est. 10/19/2015

Achilles armor obtained 09/09/16,
24/31 commendations completed for the helmet.
all remaining commendations are at lvl 5 and are atleast halfway, we need troops to finish the fight.
As of January 19th of this year we have resumed operations to finish the fight for the Achilles helmet before Halo Infinte releases. We are drawing closer to the finish line but could get there quicker with your help, so what do u say, wanna finish the fight?

We understand that everyone has busy lives and would rather play other games heck it's the number 1 reason why it's taking so long to finish the commendations XD. Though this group is more than just Halo as we are on many other games. Doesn't matter how good u are or how bad u think u are. I welcome those who wish to join the fight here or to join in our battles else where.

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