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I don't keep it loaded son, you'll have to find ammo as you go.

Welcome to M6D! If you don't know what M6D means, you gon' learn ;)

As members of a large gaming community, we do not like to discourage others from enjoying Halo. That being said, farming and smurf accounts are strongly discouraged within. We like to sweat, but there is a difference between competition and being a jerk. Our company values cohesion. If you're a chill, skilled player, welcome aboard!

Most of us already have the Achilles armor and helmet. If you are purely looking for those, then this probably isn't the right company for you.

As for applying, please indicate info about yourself and your Halo background on any of the games. We will most likely reject unfilled (standard) applications unless you know us and we know you.
Being active in Halo is encouraged. Playing with fellow M6D members is a must or why be in a Spartan Company? The team dynamic is real!

One final item: hope you have a healthy appetite for classic Halo! We sometimes play MCC and Reach as well. Achievement hunting, big team, arena, we will help accomplish whatever you hope to! Get your booty in here :)

P.S. google Michael Rosen

"My big scary magnum" - General Luigi
"Noice" - Dusstin Echoes
"Someone gun my warthog" - C0dewordD1rtbag
"Get off my Kool-Aid!" - Desert Dwella
"🤔" - Badger
"Another American victory, boys" - KingBrian6989
"Did somebody call for a really hairy plumber?" - Sanderson 117

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