Biographical Information:
Spartan name: Mauricio-001
Spartan ID: ZACM
Homeworld: Earth
Birth date: February 12, 2511
Current status: Alive

Physical Information:
Gender: Male
Height: 216 cm
Weight: 116 kg
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown

Affiliation and military information:
Affiliation: UNSC Navy
Rank: General of the Army
Class: Spartan-II, Class-I

Case File:
Mauricio-001 currently serves as the leader of Illuminati 1st SFG. Throughout his extensive military career, Mauricio-001 has displayed characteristics and behaviors that are nothing short of extraordinary. Highly intelligent, alert, and objective-focused during operations, Mauricio-001 is a genius in strategy, information management, and the forging of disparate combat elements into a cohesive warfighting force, even when presented with only the barest information on troop dispensation. Mauricio-001 is stoic and oftentimes eerily calm during combat, a demeanor perceived as adversarial by other Spartans.

Though proficient in all aspects of infantry tactics as well as aerospace combat, Mauricio-001's most notable skill is his ability to effectively and efficiently direct operational detachments ranging in size from fireteams to battalions. As an expert in tracking, asset recovery, and elimination of high value targets, Mauricio-001's visual acuity and deft skill with marksman weapons is unparalleled, making him the UNSC's most talented sniper. His keen mind and broad experience allow him to discern the function and operation of human, Covenant, and Forerunner devices and traps without the assistance of smart AI analysts.

Notable Operations:
As of August 2558, Mauricio-001 has completed 209 military operations [136 full campaigns]; more than any other UNSC personnel on record. Though Mauricio-001 has commanded nearly every Spartan-II at one time or another, the lion's share of his career has been as a leader of Illuminati 1st SFG. His actions during the Covenant War have earned Mauricio-001 every UNSC combat award, as well as several dozen civilian honors. His complete record is only viewable with explicit UNSC High Command authority.

ASTUTE TIGER: Deployment of ADM's at predicted Covenant landing zones before UNSC evacuation [Harvest].

PHALANX: Evacuation of civilian population and observation of enemy invasion patterns [Circinius IV].


HORIZON: Destruction of Covenant exploratory fleet elements [Cascade].

PALE SHADOW: HAVOK demolition of Covenant forward operation base [Eirene].

HORN AND HIDE: Assasination of San'Shyuum missionary on Jiralhanae outpost [Odenli'sh].

IRON FIST: Asset denial and partial recovery of critical cyberinfraestructure assets [Miridem].

DEVIL FREEDOM: Evacuation of civilians and targeting of Covenant landing craft for orbital bombardment [Imber].

HEMORRHAGE: Lone-wolf operation aboard Covenant flagship Doctrine´s Command that resulted in elimination of several key capital ships [REDACTED].


OCEAN BREAKER: Infiltration and HAVOK demolition of Côte d'Azur to destroy Covenant landing zone [Sigma Octanus IV].

SWORD 52: Support operations for New Alexandria evacuation [Reach].

RED FLAG: Defense of critical orbital weapons grid facilities [Reach].

JOINT MONITOR: Biohazard containment in Voi Exclusion Zone [Earth].

FIRST STRIKE: Destruction of Covenant fleet and headquarters [Tau Ceti].

CIRRUS: Rescue of key military personnel from Forerunner facility [Onix].


KINETIC STORM: Reconnaissance and strike operations in Joint Occupation Zone [REDACTED].

JOVIAN WHISTLE: Security for UNSC xenoarchaeological survey team [Gao].

MAD HATTER: Countermobility strike on Jiralhanae-controlled forgeship Boundless Artifice [REDACTED].


EASTERN AZURE: Surveillance of Kig-Yar salvage operations and mapping of slipspace routes [Arcadia].

LAND GRAB: Forced landing against Covenant positions inside Forerunner facility [Requiem].

DAWN ECLIPSE: Security for ONI xenoarchaeological survey team at [REDACTED] [REDACTED].

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