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Yo. Welcome to my page. If you're here, it's likely you're curious about all the weird stuff I'm into. If you weren't, well now you are.

I'd say I'm about the standard positive view of casuals. Mostly, I'm into the single player campaigns and stories of the games. Occasionally I'll dabble in Multiplayer if I have friends with me. If I do, I'm always looking to have fun, not just win. Which means, I'm certainly not above team killing if I catch you cheating, or deliberately aiding an enemy player if I'm in a full team and the enemy is only one guy and I can't switch teams mid-match.

I love taking on a superior challenge, even if that does leave me getting beat constantly. Also, I do constantly tend to record all the glitches I encounter, and really nothing else. Feel free to take a look if you enjoy seeing a game break unintentionally.

Spartan Company

Vanguards of Reach

Vanguards of Reach

4 Members

Est. 8/3/2016

Hello to you all!

This company's purpose is to gather players who enjoy the Halo universe and are here to have fun! All who seek fun and enjoyment, especially through team efforts, are welcome here!

Founder: OmegaKiba20
Co-Founders: Sigmawolf7, Mizu Kurai, and Mega Mr Leonard
(We are mainly on Halo 5, Master Chief Collection, Reach or ODST!)

If you have any questions or would like to join us, contact one of the usernames above and we will get to you ASAP.

Please Note:

  • Please feel free to communicate with your teammates on the forums! :)
  • There are no Armor colors, sets, or emblems that you have to keep on to be in this company! We encourage you all to be yourselves and have fun, however you wanna look and express yourselves! :D
  • We accept any type of players! Hardcore, Competitive, Casual, For Fun, whatever kind of player you are, all are welcome! (Just please don't go too far if you are the competitive type. ^^")
  • We will not tolerate those who seek to ruin everyone's fun, or those who harass or hassle anyone within this company for their own goals. If you are part of this company, we expect you to respect and be polite to your teammates. Please tell any of the founders if someone within the company is bothering you in any way or fashion, and we will take care of it. If we get notice of someone upsetting another member, we will review his/her behavior/actions. If we deem the behavior inappropriate or rude, you will receive a warning. If the behavior continues and does not stop, we will remove you from the company. We are here to have fun with this great series. Please do not ruin other people's experiences. Thank you!

    With all of that being said...

    Have an Awesome time! Meet and play with other players, and enjoy your stay in our company! We look forward to fighting along side you!

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