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Name: Ryan
Gender: Male
Service #: R-91
Unit: SPARTAN - III, Merc Squad (Leader), informally known as "Bravo Team", currently attached to Special Training & Tactics Division
Call Sign: BRV1
Date of Birth: April 19, 2518
Date of Enlistment: October 8, 2525
Planet of Birth: Harvest
Deployment Location: UNSC Infinity

Personal History: Born the 2nd son of farmers, his father served as a mechanic in the Army, with notable marksmanship commendations. When the covenant invaded harvest, R-91's family took up arms and joined the war effort. Tragically he was the sole survivor of his family when harvest fell. When reports reached certain ONI ears of a 7 year old war orphan with 37 confirmed kills against an emerging alien threat, he was quickly "misplaced in refugee transit" (conscripted to the SPARTAN - III Program). R-91, as one of the youngest of his class and one of the few to survive initial mission deployment, was re-assigned to Special Training and Tactics after his "first tour" to form a new unit. This unit, Merc Squad, was to be comprised of the survivors from other deployments. A place for the broken pieces to form a new unit, to be used as a training and reserve force for future deployments. This role earned Merc Squad their nickname among Spartans as "Bravo Team". Having survived the Human-Covenant War, Merc Squad was reassigned to UNSC Infinity to continue their training and support roles with the SPARTAN - IV program. Having served in countless missions and countless more training exercises over his decades long career, R-91 has no confirmed kill count. However informal Spartan reports suggest it may exceed 100,000, perhaps vastly.

Skills/Specializations: A competent marksman and heavy ordinance specialist, R-91 is as capable of leading his squad through a ridgeline rifle ambush as he is a heavy armor offensive. Common mission requisition requests include M739 SAW, M41 SPNKR, & BR85HB.

Report Conclusion: Spartan R-91 is one of the UNSC's most cost effective weapons, due to his sheer durability and singular determination to achieve his objective. He displays standard Spartan social and mental defects, including anti-social and even sociopathic behaviors. However he also exhibits signs of a strong sense of personal morality. It is due to this factor that Spartan R-91 is deemed fit to continue duty.

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