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Spartan Company

MG Perception

MG Perception

The Doors of Perception


2 Members

Est. 3/12/2018

A Part of the Melton Gaming League which includes

MG Eclipse
MG Perception
MG Machine

We have Tournaments monthly and giveaways often.

We have some rules that everyone must follow which are:

Respect: Respect your fellow clan members and also expect to be respected.

Commitment: Commit to being active both in the chat and in the game with practice, game nights and just playing together.

Relationship: Build relationships with fellow members. We are not here just to find matchmaking partners, we are here to have friendship.

Encouragement: We should always strive to encourage eachother in all ways but specifically in following the creed.

Attitude: Always try to have a positive attitude but more importantly try to avoid having a negative attitude.

In order to stay in this clan you must REMAIN ACTIVE, which means you must attend at minimum 4 gamenights per month.

Discord is REQUIRED in order to join and remain in ANY MG clan.

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