Hello There (totally not a reference to Obi-wan's Hello There). I'm a Portuguese Halo player and a great fan of the series.
My favorite Halo games ranges in categories. I don't have a particular favorite.
Campaign: Halo 3
Story: Halo 2 and Halo 4. One epic and the other serious
Multiplayer: Halo Reach and Halo 5 Guardians
Soundtrack: Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 3
Artstyle: Classic, but I don't mind the current one at all
Playstyle: I generally like all Halo games, wether it's full classic or enhanced.

What do I expect from Halo 6?
Well, there isn't much information regarding it's development, but I'm sure the Story will be improved from it's predecessor, since it was written by a comic book writer (I don't have anything against Brian Reed. He might have delivered a bad story too dependent on outsourced media, but that doesn't mean I want his head (I would have his skull instead) and it's corpse being constantly tortured (Yes, I wanted to go that dark) If you harass him, I will ask to please stop)
For gameplay, I expect Halo 5's movement.
Microtransactions? I expect them to be like Halo 5. Unlike what many think, I liked the REQ system and I think it's one of the best Microtransaction systems. While armors, emblems, etc may be behind the loot boxes, you don't need them. Sure, it sucks that we have to unlock cosmetics through an RNG system. The only gamemode that requires REQ is Warzone (Purely P2W), but the rest is untouched by them except player cosmetic. Not only that, but once you unlock a armor piece, emblem, assassination or weapon skin, it's permanent and there's no duplicates.

What do I expect from the future of Halo?
Honestly, it's hard to think what will happen with Halo in the future after the release of Halo 6. My bet is in some spin-offs, more from the TV series, maybe movies, etc.

For how long do you want Halo to last?
Well, I want Halo to endure as long as possible, but not in the hands of another company. In my perspective, 343 is doing a great job. I wouldn't want another company that would absolutely ruin Halo. Right after, everyone would be saying "343 was so much better, this <company name here> sucks". And no, I DON'T want Bungie back. They're not the same... they were turned into money-hungry developers by Activision. And if there's one thing that I won't forgive them is that they FIRED Martin O'Donnel. He didn't even leave, he was fired (then Marty proceeds to roast Bungie lol)

How do you want John-117's story to end?
John is already very old and has every single medal in the UNSC except the Prisoner of War and has participated in over 200 ground engagements. He deserves more than anything else, a proper ending. John's story will end, everything does, but if he's definitively ending, I'm in a tie between discharge and MIA, while more balanced to the MIA side. If Chief goes MIA, no one will ever know what happened to him and would become a Legend. So he never dies but he's also not alive.

If Halo is to continue after the events of 2550s, what would I like to see?
I think Jerome would be the perfect replacement for Chief. Not only is his body and mind 30 years delayed (so he's around 21 years old), but he shows a lot of potential of becoming the next Legendary Spartan-II, together with Douglas and Alice. As for the enemies I would like a movement to restore the Covenant back to it's former glory before the Great Schism, who have been hidden in the galaxy building their fleet awaiting for their time to rise and attack;

My Spartan in Halo: Reach is NOT like how it's shown in the Internet. The helmet is Mark-VI FC-I[2] attachment, right shoulder is Security, primary color is Black/Steel, secondary color is Blue, and the wrist is the Tactical/Tacpad.

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This is a completely free and able to join Spartan company.if you have a problem with one or anything come to me and ill deal with it.also I encourage fun, joking,laughs, and a good time.and team slayers and map makers/testers.and big team battlers.looking for able bodied Spartans.lock and load Spartans.

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