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Name: Tyler

Service #: B029

Unit: Gamma 6

Primary Military Specialization: Spartan IV

Enlistment Date: 11/25/2551

Location: UNSC Infinity

Gender: M

Birthplace: Pirth City, Arcadia

Birth Date: 10/28/2533

Performance: Has extensive experience with flood containment and is proficient in the use of most Forerunner weaponry and vehicles

Comments: Often seen as insane even by spartan standards, He is the first to volunteer for any Flood containment operations almost unfailingly so. He has a tendency to be unusually brutal when dealing with "living" adversaries which likely stems from his flood extermination methods.

Spartan's choice of equipment: Modified M45D Tactical Shotgun "Oathsworn", Containment/Sterilization Instrument "Sentinel Beam", Dual M7 Caseless Submachine Guns, Type-1 Energy Sword

Previous engagements: The Battle of Sigma Octanus, The Battle of Reach, The Battle of Earth

Current Operation: [Classified]

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Many Sleepless Knights

Many Sleepless Knights

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