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All this is would be a random amount of stuff I happen to wanna put here.

Spartan O127 Of The U.N.S.C Star Gazer. (got bored and made my own thing)

Infected- I can either be a pain in the -Yoink- alpha to deal with or a hard to kill player when in my good moods, I have earned a 27 killstreak with the scattershot as a the last man standing once and I have my moments where I am just a pain to deal with.

One thing I was proud of which happened within the last week was someone in warzone had the P's Bane, I killed him and stole it. it had %100 and while using it I killed someone with the fang and took that to and when my Bane was almost out I found another person with it hunting me. (we were on darkstar and I was walking around their armory) I killed him and it was at %100 so my streak went on.

Side Notes-

A Cure for the flood could have happened during Halo 1. in the misson where you first meet them we all know flood take bodies but when you open the door the body of one marine is right there untouched and we know as in anything that affects the body there in cases are people who are immune to it, same goes for the flood. if Chief had taken a blood sample of this marine the cure would have been right there.

For Halo 6 The Spirit Of Fire has an advantage over Cortana because most of their tech is outdated and less A.I controlled systems.

How The Hell Did "SGT Johnson" the man that blew up on a "HALO RING" even survive to come back into Halo? this is the 2nd time he has lived though this crap, how to you explain how he did this twice now?

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