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Hello, uhh, I am from a small town in Germany and moved to America when I was younger, my dad is in the army and my mom is a nurse, so uhh, happy 2015 I guess? Is that good?

(Bungie Worker) It would if 343 wasn't taking halo by the book!

Spartan Company

Omega 12 Project

Omega 12 Project

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Welcome solider, if you play Eastern time then this is the team for you, I like to set up stuff like events and I play all of them but am normally on 5 and MMC, my user name is SkittlesFace33, and you can friend me there, I don't like hearing players say swear words and I don't use the Mic much, if this is the perfect summery of what you need, then join the fun! Have a great day.

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