"Memories of loss and dreams of vengeance, sealed in steal and components"

Spartan Company

Bungie Employees

Bungie Employees

Goal: World Domination


89 Members

Est. 4/2/2018

[Leaders of the Company] There's two of us
Amor de Venom & munk07

We now have a Discord Server (Optional)
Message leaders for invite once in the company.

Requirements to Join (As of Jan. 30th, 2019)
(Those who joined prior are safe if still active)
  • 1.3 K/D or Higher (Arena Only)
  • SR 75 or Higher
  • Actively Playing
You must leave your current Spartan Company before applying or your request will be denied.

Leaving this company for another that is closer to the armor or helmet will result in a Permanent Ban of the Company. We do not approve Company Hopping.

Currently looking for players to GRIND Marine Kills
We are willing to reward members every month with Xbox Gift Cards. More Information further below
[Established April 2nd, 2018]
This group is designated to bring players and friends together to keep Halo 5 active. It's not just a company, but rather a community of players that enjoy the Halo franchise.
Rude behavior is not tolerated. Do not betray, farm, or teabag other company members.

If you're willing to neglect or treat members poorly, you will be removed from the company.
Current Marine Kills (Feb 15th, 2019)
Level 4: 1,563/19,200

Achilles Armor: Earned
Achilles Helmet: Not Earned

Lowest Commendation: Marine Kills
Monthly Competition: Marine Kills

[Standard Prize Goals]
Earn 60 Marine Kills in one Warzone Match

[Grand Prize Goals]
Earn 75 Marine Kills in one Warzone Match

Standard Prize ($5; 4 Winners)
Grand Prize ($10; 1 Winner)
Members can now win more than once per month including Grand Prize.
Each Prize is awarded through separate games.
A member 'could' win $30 every month provided by munk07 and Amor de Venom

March Winners:
Grand Prize:
Winners must send a screenshot to munk07 or Amor de Venom with the required kills visible in the correct game mode, along with the company name visible under the players name.
munk07, Amor de Venom, PirateSolo, RadRiveter

TOP K/D Members (Arena Only)

  1. 4.462 K/D (TrinalBulletX2)
  2. 2.424 K/D (Deadly Killshot)
  3. 2.350 K/D (Burgilr)
  4. 2.106 K/D (Ford GT)
  5. 1.997 K/D (Un NooBii)
  6. 1.980 K/D (A Raging Pug)
  7. 1.857 K/D (K1RK05)
  8. 1.797 K/D (DLO900)
  9. 1.775 K/D (WickeD x VisioN)
  10. 1.730 K/D (N0VELLI)
  11. 1.701 K/D (Shadowblaze72)
  12. 1.673 K/D (ODST B Denial)
  13. 1.565 K/D (RaZiaH R01)
  15. 1.592 K/D (Rising Demon91)
  16. 1.589 K/D (iMasked X)
  17. 1.503 K/D (LeftDevotee8317)

If you have a 1.5+ K/D and don't see your name, message leadership and we will place you on the board.
If your want your KD updated, please message leadership as well.

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