Eh bugger it , IL try role play my Spartans background.

Early on in the battle of reach the spartan 3 program had seen a steady growth.
The covenant was however growing at an alarming rate . Far out numbering the UNSC in terms of ground teams. This forced the UNSC to become drastic...

The UNSC were sending as little as 2 spartan teams to capture or elimination missions on covenant outposts. Spartan 074 was assigned to one of those teams.
Spartan 074: Issac Crane was assigned to a particular elimination with another spartan and they was successful but as a falcon evacuated them , it was shot by a EMP blast from a plasma pistol from a lonesome grunt out hiking . The pilot and other spartan was assumed dead and the wreckage ended up over a canyon. As he walked he stumbled onto a scout who was willing to share camp with a fellow soldier. That morning, they drove back to the scouts HQ on a aircraft carrier . Issac was in the process of changing his armor when a cloaked elite assassinated that scout, he briefly opened fire to the elite who escaped on a banshee. fueled by anger, He followed to he was on top of a cliff overlooking a covenant Cruiser . spotting the elite on a cliff and ready to take the shot another elite appeared, wearing gold ranger armor sliced the assassin and pushed him off a cliff before taking the banshee back to the cruiser. That elite helped Issac destroy that very same Cruiser. That elite.. was Mirrak

Spartan Company

117 Ways To Die

117 Ways To Die

Fun First

93 Members

Est. 1/2/2018

We have completed the Armor.

As this Company is near full, 117 Ways To Kill has been established to recruit new members. You should submit a join request to both groups. If accepted to 117 Ways to Kill, when space opens, there will be opportunity to move from 117 Ways to Kill to 117 Ways to Die, on a first come, first served basis.

A group of casual players, grounded in our friendships and branching out to new players.
Many of us have played since Halo: CE and are mature gamers.
We're happy to encourage camaraderie among all Halo players, but in order to enable our members to relate to each other we have an age requirement of 16+. We may accept members below that age, but they must be accompanied by a family member who is 16+ who also joins (such as a parent or older sibling who also plays).

We play both MCC and Halo 5.

Interested in joining a group of fun players, not looking for anything super competitive, but happy to turn it up a notch when required?
  • Send a personalized request - default ones will be rejected. Please include your age.
  • Also, please add AshamanND as an Xbox Live friend.
  • We'll ask you to join our Discord via PM before you join.
  • If accepted, please browse through our forums, and review our Company Guidelines.
If you can't play at least once a month, simply send AshamanND a message, otherwise you may be removed. We're looking for people who actually want to play together, after all!

Please note: If you are looking for an Achilles grinding Company - that isn't us. It's not our focus. If you are wanting to achieve the Achilles helmet quickly, you are probably best to find a different Company. However, we plan to get there eventually, as a by-product of playing and enjoying the game.
We already have the armor.

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