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Hello Halo fans I'm DC50, I've been playing Halo for a long time and enjoy the game a lot. Major League gamin is not my thing but i do play competitively, Warzone is my best game type and I am really good with a wheel, If you need a hand i can help you out with a Mongoose or be a Wheel man in a Warthog. I there is a problem with an enemy vehicle I,m your man so make sure you friend me and send me a message saying your from the company and ill make sure i look out to play with you guys. My favorite type of Halo play-style is strategic and communicative old school Halo. and I can work with a team really well. Though i don't like being a leader i do appreciate orders and can execute to the best of my ability.

Spartan Company

Operation Achilles

Operation Achilles

Good to see you Spartan!

97 Members

Est. 12/30/2015

****Update 4/20/16
Feel free to send a request in case there are open slots. Along with the request- tell me about yourself (first name/nickname, timezone, availability, anything interesting)

Our current mission is to finish all of the kill commendations to unlock the Achilles helmet and armor.

Join us as we embark on this journey to claim all of Achilles glory! Let's get this done! Being a member of this group and finishing all of the kill commendations (Levels 3 to 5) will reward you with the Achilles helmet and armor. We typically play on weeknights 7PM-12AM and weekends 7PM-fatigue. Given a majority of us will be in different time zones, all that really matters is that we play when we can, and work together to complete the commendations as quickly as possible.

Our old Spartan Company name was "Warzone Squad", but for the time being- it will be "Operation Achilles". Please read the description below, this was our previous mission objective and still is nonetheless.

The goal is to have fun, laugh, and play Halo 5. All while obliterating the competition!

Generally, we'll be playing WARZONE. But with enough interest and players, we can play ARENA. As the Bud Light slogan states, be "up for whatever". Party chat is a must, so expect some humor, "friendly" trash talk, and vulgar language.

Add or follow me! Gamertag- sonblock

- Operation Achilles

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