Name: Jerome Moon
Age: 16 (Since Nov. 14)
Race: African American
Height: 5.6 1/2
Weight: 175.2
Body Type: Lean
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Jet Black w/ Silver and Platinum Splotches
Hairstyle: Shaved on sides and back of head with 3 inch, tight dreads on top (For a visual aid, google Killmonger Hairstyle, that's pretty much it)

Side Notes

Favorite TV Show: Impractical Jokers
Favorite Movie: Black Panther
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Shoe Brand: Nike
Favorite Type of Shoe to Wear: The LeBrons XIII Comic Book
Political Party: Democrat
Role Model: LeBron James, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr.

#1 Favorite Hobby: Playing Basketball (My Position: Point Guard)
#2 Favorite Hobby: Playing Paintball (My Role: "AGENT")
My Paintball Outfit:

  • MASK: JT Spectra Proshield Thermal Paintball Mask - Black (NOTE: My hair is visible at the top of my mask)
  • SHIRT/VEST: Shirtless and Vestless (NOTE: If you see shirtless black teen, ask if he is Nightfall1414. He might be me!
  • PANTS: Black Skinny Jeans/w Handgun Holster on Right Thigh and Plain Black Zip-up Sweater Tied around Waist
  • SHOES: 5.11 Tactical Men's A.T.A.C. Boots
  • MAIN WEAPON: Black FN SCAR-L Assault Rifle/w Laser Sight
  • BACKUP WEAPON: Black Glock GEN5 Handgun/w Reflex Sight
#3 Favorite Hobby: Painting outside with a glass of ice-tea. (I usually paint about anything I have in eye-shot. I'm way better at painting Halo symbols and hieroglyphs.)
Favorite Basketball Team: Toronto Raptors
Favorite Football Team: New England Patriots
Favorite Baseball Team: LA Dodgers

Top 10 Favorite MARVEL Heros (In Order):
1. Black Panther
2. Captain America
3. Deadpool
4. War Machine
5. White Wolf (Bucky)
6. Iron Man
7. Ghost Rider
8. Venom
9. The Hulk
10. Vision

Top 10 Favorite MARVEL Villians (In Order):
1. Erik Killmonger
2. The Vulture
3. Ultron
4. Carnage
5. Apocalypse
6. Crossbones
7. Blackheart (NOT The Ghost Rider Movie Version)
8. Thanos
9. Dormmamu
10. Abomination

Top 10 Favorite DC Heros (In Order):
1. Red Hood
2. Red X
3. Cyborg
4. Firestorm
5. Rorschach
6. Batman
7. Wonder Woman
8. DEADSHOT (He technically is a Anit-Hero)
9. Blue Beetle
10. Captain Cold (He is mostly known for being The Flash's enemy but he actually is kind of an Anti-Hero if you know him and play Injustice 2.)

Top 10 Favorite DC Villians (In Order):
1. Deathstroke
2. Darkseid
3. Cheetah
4. Brainiac
5. Solomon Grundy
6. The Joker
7. Atrocitus
9. Bane
10. Lex Luthor

Spartan Company

NAME: Spartan Fireteam Raptor

Goal: To earn Achilles as a whole, together as one. We accept all players regardless of Rank, Skill, and CSR. If you join, you are pretty much guaranteed to Achilles. There is also NO TIME REQUIRMENTS. All you got to do is join, play, and earn. The only way you will be kicked is if you act like an a-hole. It's that simple. So after reading this, I hope you join. Peace.

Spartan Company

Spartan Fireteam Raptor

Spartan Fireteam Raptor

We're Raptors. We're a Pack.


100 Members

Est. 10/6/2017

We all are just friends trying to get Achilles plain and simple. You can join regardless of skill, Spartan rank, or CSR. If you join, you are pretty much guaranteed to Achilles! You will be kicked is if you spread bad rumors or act too much like an A-hole. There is NO TIME REQUIREMENT! We love to meet new people. Hope you join!



+Armor and Helmet not yet obtained.

Allied Teams:
Company Squads:

  • Spartan Fireteam: Raptor (Leading Fireteam)
Spartan II Company Commander: Nightfall1414
Spartan II: Silvertie94922
Spartan II: ThunderOwl21
Spartan IV: AvEx Wolf
Spartan IV: BigBootyBandit5
Spartan IV: FL3XicUT1ON
Spartan IV: L4Z4RUS95

  • Spartan Fireteam: Zenith
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: GAMERZ01245
Spartan IV: HornMinotaur904
Spartan IV: halo elite39
Spartan IV: SlidPolecat7339
Spartan IV: SunkenKetchup31
Spartan IV: DeathlyGamer42

  • Spartan Fireteam: Archer
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: XxWarPriestXx56
Spartan IV: RegencyGerm1170
Spartan IV: TeenageGamer04
Spartan IV: MON3Y B3NT YT

  • Spartan Fireteam: Unitum Vsque Ad Mortem (United Til Death)
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: HilariousGamer5
Spartan IV: superfoxydude
Spartan IV: deathboy237

  • Spartan Fireteam: Deliverance
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: BrokeHorizon265
Spartan IV: Last Shadow 5O5
Spartan IV: gamercj4
Spartan IV: DetestedHydra43
Spartan IV: ScoutNate

  • Spartan Fireteam: Rescue
Spartan IV Fireteam Leader: Soldier9567
Spartan IV: hypotho
Spartan IV: BlamedClown6
Spartan IV: Midnightpro1942
Spartan IV: Niko oneS

  • Spartan Fireteam: King
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: StylishLine4
Spartan IV: TreppenwitzSz
Spartan IV: TrapAnother1
Spartan IV: Smoke9550

  • Spartan Fireteam: Paramount
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: MrAllStar JR
Spartan IV: Pitga
Spartan IV: Arcalinux
Spartan IV: Eat my beez777
Spartan IV: TheBestDragon86

  • Spartan Fireteam: Illuminati
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: Dart Link64
Spartan IV: Im PabloSanchez
Spartan IV: MiLK a Fat Goat
Spartan IV: cool josh 19
Spartan IV: RamBeau Jr

  • Spartan Fireteam: Premier
Spartan III Fireteam Leader: ramiror13
Spartan IV: TomCat9987
Spartan IV: commanderark123
Spartan IV: RagingEmperor68
Spartan IV: dougman066

  • Spartan Fireteam: Cavalier
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: GeeZeey 117
Spartan IV: GDawg59150
Spartan IV: robertojpg
Spartan IV: TheBestDragon86
Spartan IV: HurtLEON08117

  • Spartan Fireteam: Ultramarines
Spartan IV Fireteam Leader: SuperUltra19
Spartan IV: LilC77343
Spartan IV: Nuclear Dust 14
Spartan IV: SS UMP45
Spartan IV: WotZitTooYa

  • Spartan Fireteam: Victor
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: daniedde904
Spartan IV: reker 345
Spartan IV: TacoJackMild
Spartan IV: TenaciousD11B4X
Spartan IV: Musa FIRT

  • Spartan Fireteam: Thunder
Spartan IV Fireteam Leader: iRose TMS
Spartan IV: HornMinotaur904
Spartan IV: robertojpg
Spartan IV: Germocide
Spartan IV: Laggyofshotgun

  • Spartan Fireteam: Celtic
Spartan IV Fireteam Leader: Ronnie73
Spartan IV: x1XDayzeeX1x
Spartan IV: Matty FatStaxs
Spartan IV: CuR1OUs S4vAg3
Spartan IV: dragonborn2601

  • Spartan Fireteam: Wizard
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: st8k1llin101
Spartan IV: PeanutHat2005
Spartan IV: sithmaster0911
Spartan IV: newvegas34
Spartan Il: Xerxcies2733

  • Spartan Fireteam: Panther
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: LilRuffShooter
Spartan IV: Wraith901
Spartan IV: buttstalion25
Spartan IV: dragonborn2601
Spartan IV: McCREEPER257

  • Spartan Fireteam: Zen
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: tristan56790
Spartan II: DynamicWarrior6
Spartan IV: man5689kingcool
Spartan IV: Gloriez
Spartan IV: Eagle eye61603

  • Spartan Fireteam: Sentinel
Spartan II Fireteam Leader: DarkenedCore76
Spartan IV: Nightmareplant
Spartan IV: whiteputty102
Spartan IV: MikaleChip00
Spartan IV: Pretentious Fop

  • Spartan Fireteam: Scorpio
Spartan IV Fireteam Leader: Dark Robber01
Spartan IV: FallGazelle3184
Spartan IV: ssesson12
Spartan IV: Mally Foo
Spartan IV: PhoenixNinja956

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Feet First

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