When things get rough they send in the elite of the elite, the legendary Recon unit “Last Hope” each member has their set skill and ability in combat. They usually operate alone and have been known to kill an entire squad as well decimate entire strong holds on their own and capture key choke points through the universe. Many believe they no longer function or operate, but that has always been the main objective as a black operator contracted killer. To do all the work and never be seen or leave evidence behind unless on purpose, for the past twenty years verything has been quiet in the universe until this point when someone mentioned seeing the emblem of a “Last Hope” operator in the area.

Spartan Conscript Info
Oni Operative: A266 Jun
Fire Team: Black
Spartan ID S075
Purpose: Tactical Recon, Infiltration, Assassin
Head Hunters
CIN: [Classified]

Name given by Sangheili [Alei 'Felvaree]
Covenant / Sangheili blood sworn: Prophets Reki, Sword of Helios, Fekian Ranigi

Recognized by many Sangheili as a sworn blood brother

Ranks bestowed on as San'Shyuum and Honor Guard

[:Operation Info:]
Unit Name: Black Operation Mercenaries
Mercenary Operation Command: Last Hope Recon

Log Info: Special Operation Infiltration, Extremely dangerous, Volatile
Total Kills: [:Lost Count;]
Mission Statues: [Pending Completion]Total completion: 300 documented completion successes, multiple undocumented completion
Personality traits: Morbid, Warped sense of humor, Loyal, Honorable

Ship Name: Razgri
Ship Type: CPV-class Heavy Destroyer (Covenant Destroyer)

Ship Escort: SDV-class Heavy Corvette ( Covenant Corvette)
Ship Name: Nemesis
What specs does it have
Razgri is a well-equipped Covenant Destroyer that was taken during a Off world raid of the Operation team M1, for troop transportation it is equipped with Condors and Falcons. For ship raiding or boarding there is a fleet of AI commanded Cyclops on board. Main Weaponry consist of two tactical Nukes, 20 Missile racks, 30 Laser orbitals and a Gene 3 Pulse Canon on port

The Corvette is mostly equipped with Radar jammers and high capacity space sensors, It operates in close proximity of Razgri for fighter support with multiple Banshee, Falcons, and Ticks for boarding. Primary weaponry are Lasers, Enhanced Rail cannons with a Modified port that has access to a Gene 2 Scarab Cannon.

Class: CPV Destroyer and SDV Corvette
Captain or active commander: Operator
Shipboard AI: ARMEGA
Year assembled: (Unknown)
Previous Operations: First Battle of Arcadia, Fall of Reach, Operation red flag, Forward Until Dawn, Project Forerunner
Notable Operations: Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, the Keyes loop
Current Operation: Camouflaged in beta sector gathering Intel

Mercenary List located Last Hope Recon in private sector

Mercenary Discord Server (All welcome) message me for info

Applications can be filled out at Mercenary Website

Spartan Company

House of Akuma

House of Akuma

As one we rise, apart we fall.

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Est. 1/7/2019

Sangheili Separatist Clan. We are not strict to roleplaying we are only together as a family. Contact xCrummykarma for the discord invitation.

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