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Creativity IV

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Est. 10/25/2015

"We met about four of five years ago. Mid-June. I think it was during a routine patrol on Meridian, shortly after lunch hour. We asked each other our names, talked about how we came to be on this heap of a planet, and our happier past lives. We were discussing tea flavors when it happened. Forerunner VTOL's, by the dozens, flying in all directions out of slipspace setting fire to the ground below.

We sat there, an ample distance away from the ongoing chaos. Staring at each other. After awhile, she looked at me and said 'Hey, shouldn't we help or something?' in an abnormally calm tone for the time being. I looked at her with the same peace she talked to me with. After a brief silence, I pulled out my MA5D, and started to amble towards the fray. Not long after, Fritz caught up with me, holding a shotgun she found set against a nearby wall. She kept pace with me, whistling a tune I no longer know the name of.

And that's how we pretty much came to be..."

-Text log, found in Meridian Station's space elevator lobby.

Greetings, Spartan. Stories aside, I present a cordial invitation to the quaint and quiet corner of the Observation Deck of the Infinity. An invitation to merge with a group that is... incognito to say the least.

We don't exist to compete against others for profit, or merit. We don't exist to boast over honest victories, nor mourn for losses that are as easily forgettable. We simply exist for the sake of existing. We're there, participating. Having fun. Achieving goals. Going places. Overall enjoying the memories we create on the virtual battlefield.

If you seek solace from the grip of the competitive spirit War Games may present, or simply care more for the enjoyment of the battle rather than how many times you've out-BR'd someone, then Creativity IV is the company you seek. We are a group of leisure, and always welcome those who feel the same way.

Come one, Come all, and please leave your boots by the door.

* * * * *

CREATIVITY IV - 家にいます - "Stay Home"

Maple Otaku - Company Leader.

Arena, Warzone, Campaign, and plenty of Customs, we're up for it!

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