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Well, here I am...

After 14 years, I finally retired the name AssassinT28

I also like Jojo Part 4 still the best part even after Steel Ball Run.

Halo 3 was the best Halo nuff said. I come here when a new Halo games comes out or a new book comes out to learn the lore. I'm down to play some matches with you guys if you ask.

Since Halo 5 gave us the Space Elevator mission finally. I hope Halo: Infinite makes us finally control an ODST pod mission where you dodge incoming enemy fire. Come on 343i you know you want to!

Halo: Infinite wishlist:

Blood of Suban returns
Spectre/Prowler returns
Play on a Halo Ring√ confirmed E3 2018
Playable Elites: Well R.I.P
AI Battles√ confirmed E3 2021
Playable ODST drop pod mission
Different color visor change hud colors
Semi Open World or Hub World√ confirmed July 2020
Invasion-Warzone game mode
Classic Firefight

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Our standards are very low.

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Est. 10/24/2015

You've probably stumbled upon this company by accident. That or you've been rejected out of every other possible company and you have nowhere to turn. In either case, you should probably avoid this group. We're pretty bad. But we like Halo. If you like Halo, then you've already passed your application with flying colors. We'll accept just about anyone, even convicted killers! So if your standards are as low as ours (and they probably aren't), join today! Also, if you leave the company, you will not be allowed back in because I'm petty.

(Just warn us if you're a convicted killer first.)

TL;DR: Achilles Armor Achilles Armor Achilles Armor.


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