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Spartan Company

Lone Wolf Collective

Lone Wolf Collective

Kill alone Slaughter together!


10 Members

Est. 7/28/2016

Official Emblem colors - Pineapple, Pepper, Carnelian (order doesn't matter)
Official Emblems - Lone Wolf, Fire Team Crimson, Wolf

-We do actual call outs and don't just say "they're over here" because "here" isn't a *bleep* callout you *bleep* newb!
-We use headsets
-we play mostly after midnight US Central (atm)
-We blaze it, we curse, we try
-we don't pretend to be pro while riding your coat tails and telling you how you're supposed to play the game, cause "you have to use bumper jumper to be good" is total bull droppings and you can't "actually become the spartan brah"

-We don't smack into our mic because we're fat -Yoinks!- feeding our face all day and night (but cmon man I gotta get my grub on with this bad case of munchies!)
-We rage, and we rock, we trash talk! ... but not to each other because why you wanna degrade your own team mates thats not cool brah!
(quotes are an inside joke)

We're really just a bunch of people from around the world chilling, smoking, playing halo, and trying to have some fun and get better at a game we enjoy.

If you're a high CSR and don't mind helping others improve their play through constructive criticism and friendly competition we would love to have you join and help team build.

If this sounds like you then join on up.

Arch Rivals - TeaMMaSToDoN

Friends - Anyone else

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