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Hey fellows,

I'm a Software Developer and passionate Halo player ^^
I studied applied informatics and got a bigger look into HCI and AI. Yes, that's what I'm into in real live.
I play halo from the beginning. I only missed Halo Wars.
With my little Brother I spent hours to get through all campaignes on legendary mode. Awww memories.
It's an awesome game. I like playing online in a competitive way, so I could improve my way to handle the game.

Besides Halo I'm into sports (especially Snowboard, Skateboard and Basketball), Comics/Movies, Computer Science and Coding, my beloved friends and Music.

So, I'm looking forward to meet you at the arena as a mate or an opponent. both will awesome ^^

Spartan Company

Hideous End

Hideous End

I the lion, you the gazelle...

9 Members

Est. 11/5/2015

[ CURRENT STATUS: 1/20/16 ] - Now accepting membership requests. FREE Req Pack on enlistment!

[ ETHOS ] - Our company promotes an environment that is a semi-casual, yet semi-competitive mixture. This is a group best for those who can display effective communication and contribute to a high level of teamwork, want to win, and have some laughs while doing it. Through this we can win consistently, improve our skill-sets, and have a fun time.

[ VIBE ] - It is a very tight group, meaning, we all play in the same party chat and fire team often. Voice communication is a must, we can't get to know you if we can't hear you. Though many enlisted have been playing with each other for a long time and are personal friends, that should not discourage newer members to become engaged and join in the fray. We are an easy group to get along with.

[ LEVEL RANGE ] - Levels within this company are on average (35-85)*Note, while there is no required rank, if you feel you are unable to keep up, be prepared to learn. We will do everything we can to help you take your game to the next level. Help us help you.

[ SCHEDULE & TIME HACK ] - We operate seven days a week, M-F evenings during the hours of (1800-0100 PST) and most of the day on the weekends. We're located in the Pacific, Mountain and Central time-zones of the greatest country on earth.

[ AREAS OF OPERATION ] - Our company focus for game-types and activity has been (in order of interest) Breakout, Warzone, Arena SWAT, then Customs.

In conclusion, we look forward to bringing some new players into the mix, making new friends, and ending our opponents most hideously...
If you would like to play with us and join our company or have any general questions/concerns; please get into touch with one of our commanding officers.

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