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Spartan Company

Steak Sandwich

Steak Sandwich

We all know what's at 'steak'.

90 Members

Est. 10/22/2015

Stand tall.
Eat Pizza.

About Us:
UNSC Spartan Company: Steak Sandwich evolved from K.F.C. The Killer Firefight Club back in 2010 (sometime during the events of Halo Reach).

During February 2016 we had a temporary name change to "What Is A Nornfang?", when (international) members were pulled up for being in possession of nornographic material.

Members are privy to a security clearance to learn the outcomes of OPERATION: CARRY FORERUNNER

We have grown into a multi-national company, but most of our Spartans are in Australia, with members from Canada, USA, New Zealand and even Tasmania.

If you're easy going and you like food, feel free to join us.

Remembered for:
Nooo... Don't Do It!
What is a Nornfang?
When did we get ice cream?
By the Power of Grayskull!

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