"What must I do? Waiting… always waiting…

That’s what people believe from a man that has lost nothing and everything from just three words. A man or a Sangheili, I feel more man than ever yet I am given armour, weapons and blood of a Sangheili and when it comes to bowing before the mighty Gods which lay our path towards the light; I stand. Smaller, weaker and fragile as the fears and negativity of man step over me like a crushing an insect. I take the walk of shame into the doors of the guided and wise, yet blinded by my past actions. What Sangheili am I?

A lover… A father… Human in a Sangheili body… should I feel ashamed or should I feel proud?

There lies the fate. My fate… waiting… meditating… listening… lost…

This is where my story begins and where my story has begun for a long time." - Wolv Fir 'Vadam

I am Wolv Fir 'Vadam, part of the 'Vadam Bloodline on Halo Reach. I am the embodiment of Respect. If you need more I am loyal to people, but the slightest hint of betrayal then you will not see the next light. In saying that I am a family man, at times like this though even families need to act alone.

In the past I have done my fair share of Machinima's and am willing to get involved as much as I can. I am a good body actor and also willing to be involved with voice acting!

Any Questions feel free to ask :)

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DruahgoonVadam Bloodline

DruahgoonVadam Bloodline


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Est. 6/13/2017

Welcome to the Druahgoon 'Vadam Bloodline, originally based on Halo Reach and still currently. This Bloodline was officially founded nearly three years ago, but its ideologies date back to 2011. At this current time Var Mid 'Vadam and Vulk Droz 'Vadam are the Elders of the Bloodline, we have many Embodied and Initiate members and are currently in the process of choosing a new Kaidon. This Halo 5 Company was established for members of the Bloodline to stay connected and earn awards, its secondary purpose is to attract potential members so we may grow our family. Halo: Reach is the main platform the Bloodline uses and will continue to use until a future Halo instalment with playable Elites is brought out.

We are a political Bloodline who prefers to solve problems with words rather than weapons, but that doesn't mean that we don't enjoy a good scrap now and then. Our goal is to create a community, a place where people will come to better themselves, better others or simply to have fun!

If anyone is interested in joining the Bloodline then please contact myself, piperlewis or the two Elders mentioned above.

If you have any questions about this company please message me and i'll get back to you as soon as, Thank you.

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