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About Me
Name: Nathan Lee
Gamertag: Platinum Gamerr
Company: New Conglomerate

What type of person am i?
If you would like to know what i am like as a player, I'm just like any other Halo player really... I get frustrated if i die a lot, which i do. I'm not much of a person who brags about his Ranking Status on games, i just like to sit down and play a game and relax. Apart from the gaming I'm the type of guy who has a habit of swearing every 10 seconds, not in a rage but i just have a foul mouth. If your looking for a guy that jokes about and likes to have fun in games then that's the type of person i am and if you are interested in adding me on xbox live then go ahead my gamertag is Platinum Gamerr

About New Conglomerate
The New Conglomerate company has been made for both social play and strict gameplay, if you want to join then i welcome any player! I'm not the type of person to be active 24/7 as i have a family that has to be looked after but im hoping to make the Company big and i mean big. I have always wanted to make a Club/Guild and have it have more than just the two or three members, it's a hard job trying to keep active but i try my best so if you would like to join then head over to the New Conglomerate page!

Spartan Company

New Conglomerate

New Conglomerate

It's Time... To Party


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Est. 10/27/2015

About New Conglomerate
This is the New Conglomerate company and this company was made by me (Nathan Lee) also known as Platinum Gamerr you can add me on xbox live if you wish but please send me a message regarding the reason why as i like to keep my friends list tidy!

When it comes to Guilds, Clubs or in this case "Companies" there has to be a set of rules whether you like them or not!
  1. When playing with other members please be friendly.
  2. Any argument's between members should contact me and i will decide on further actions, if the problem persists i will remove both players from the company!
  3. If there has been any attacks to an individual account in the company i do not take responsibility for any actions made towards anyones account.
  4. Please don't be noisy while in a chat with other members or in a company game, this will result on being kicked from the chat and removed from the company
More rules will be added in the near future, if there are any inquiries about a rule or a new rule to be made then i will accept any changes if i feel that they are fit for the company. Or visit the Rules Topic for more rules on the Company Forum!

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