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My name's Ryan. I'm a business student in England and I'm a hardcore gamer. Although some would say I don't spend enough time to be classified as that I am currently otherwise preoccupied. I've always love halo thinking it demands more skill than other shooters. I do believe myself an above average player taking into account I always play solo but I have much to learn and would love a teacher. I'm always excited to play with new people, so if you need a good teammate or are willing to help me improve my skills, please reach out to me.

Name: Ryan Gosling
DOB: 25/05/00
Birthplace: Earth, England.
Current location: MIA

Gaming Strengths: RPGs, (Real-time and normal) Strategy, Puzzle, Platformers
Halo specific skills: Hard-scope sniping, Pilot, Stealth, Survival.

Spartan Company

The Elysium Knights

The Elysium Knights



5 Members

Est. 9/6/2016

The Elysium Knights company is...
Made up of heroic warriors and crafty thieves. We are not the strongest, nor the fastest, but we are willing to do what others are not.

We are the missing, the outcasted and the crazy, who together are something better. We were all with out a company, outcasted. But we decided to become our own company.

The members are...
A group of friends as well as any others whom find themselves without a company to watch their back. Anyone willing to join will be welcomed with opened arms.

Members are not restricted to rules but there are a few things that are preferred:
  • Wear dark black, grey and white colors.
  • Your emblem should depict a wolf.
  • Choose ‘WOLF’ as your service tag.

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