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Hi all,
I'm looking to do everything I can and am dedicated to grind hard to attain 152 and Achilles by Halo infinite launch.

I'm not exactly sure how to answer what play style I would be. I'm incredibly loyal and will stay true to the company. I do want to communicate with mic/headset with teammates, and I'm very much a team player and will announce when I die if I had a power weapon and where I died so my teammates can grab it and keep momentum on our side, I feel like play style changes based on the map and reading the opponents. Not looking to play forge and custom games really - just grinding. I currently have been playing whatever playlists are starred, and generally play Social Arena quick play, big team battle, super fiesta party, big team super fiesta, featured playlist, team slayer, Ranked Slayer, SWAT, FFA, warzone and warzone fireteam.

Current All-Time Top CSR is Gold 6 in Slayer and SWAT. Currently SR82. (01/08/2021)
Multiplayer Playtime: 2.22:26.37
Multiplayer Games Completed: 514
K/D 0.955
Win%: 45
I'm in Eastern US Timezone.

I'm looking to make friends to play Halo 5 with, and eventually Halo infinite with.

I have been playing Halo 5 generally every day. I had the og xbox and Halo back in the day, and just got an xbox one x and started playing Halo 5 this summer during lockdown. My times I play can be sporadic, but I do generally play every day.

Spartan Company



Victoriam et Gloriam


100 Members

Est. 8/8/2020

"Alone, we can weather any storm. Together, we are the storm." -Avalon Kros.

Avalon Kros
Eevee Blue 3
Avalon kros
Le Star X
Lord Ch1cken

🥇--💪--🥇Trial of Achilles: Armor: 68/155 commendations completed, helmet: 11/62🥇--💪--🥇

--🤝--If we work together, we can achieve the Achilles Gear and beyond. --🤝--

--💀--There are only 2 game requirements to remain once accepted. You MUST be online on HALO 5 AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH unless you're power or WiFi is out, or life events arise. Notify a Lieutenant if this is the case or message the Company Leader directly. *This game time requirement rule does not apply to the Leader or the Company Lieutenants.* Administration shall check member's most recent played game on the 1st of each month. Play any game mode in Halo 5 that helps towards achieving Achilles during that month to not be counted absent.
The second requirement is simple, don't be mean to fellow Skull Spartans on any platform.--💀--

--💀-- I am aware that the overall population of Halo 5 players has diminished in the last near five and a half years. I'm calling out to the Spartans who are the true OG Halo fans who play the game because they love Halo and want to achieve more. Lets assemble our forces and our zeal to keep this great community alive. Rally on me everyone. A single Skull Spartan can do great things, but with all of us together, we can do the impossible.--💀--

Assorted Candies (Hall of Skulls)

—🥉🥈🥇—. We are all different skill levels, from noob to 152. From, "What the heck is a Needler?" To, "How much CSR did I get from that match?"—🥉🥈🥇—

If you speak Spanish, it is recommended that you also speak English!

Si habla espanol, se recomienda que hable ingles!

--💀--There are now warzone weekends. We strongly encourage our members to properly get to know each striking fear into the hearts of our enemies!--💀--

--💀--Please join our Discord Server(s). This is a great tool where you can see who's online playing and when they're playing, as well as find and coordinate with other active players. There you can also join fireteams to play with, generally communicate and discuss plans, and ask any questions you may have.

New Recruits shall be presented the link to the Skull Spartan Official Discord upon joining.--💀--

General Halo Discord:
Skull Spartans Official: Pending recruitment.

This is a running list (will be added on and subtracted from as time goes) of all available gamertags and time zones of the Spartans in our company:

Avalon Kros - E.S.T.
Perfectum88 - E.S.T.
Thanewolfe- E.S.T.
Eevee Blue 3- E.S.T.
M1 Abro - M.W.T.
Lord Ch1cken - E.S.T.
Pompous Hero - E.S.T.
Flux Dream - E.S.T.
MR BOHJangles - E.S.T.
BombadJedi87 - E.S.T.
tilleryj930 - E.S.T.
partypoisonv - E.S.T.
Pinup33 - C.S.T.
Ruin7708 - C.S.T.
Le Star X - C.S.T.
MiniScouby - France (6hrs difference to E.S.T.)
regisideloke - P.S.T.

--💀--Last updated 03/04/2021--💀--

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