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I use to support my team, now I support my family. Played halo ce when it came out and have been playing ever since. Age 21.

Grunt mech slayer
The best grunt mech killer you will ever see.
Not on much anymore but play when I can.

Spartan Company

Omega Black Two

Omega Black Two

Active and Competitive

65 Members

Est. 2/11/2016

Omega Black Two is a Spartan Company dedicated to hardcore Halo fans who have been with the series for a long time, and are looking for ACTIVE players to game with. There are a few requirements to join our community, and all members must adhere to them:

      • Age 16+
      • SR 40+
      • Mic required
      • You must have actively played 2 main-line Halo games. (This is to make sure we have Halo veterans in our company)
    • You must be active on Halo 5. Members are typically discharged after 60 days of inactivity. We understand things happen; if you are unable to be active, notify leadership!
  • We accept members of all skill levels. If someone in your fireteam is not up to your level, help to provide constructive feedback.
  • Send us an application with your Age, Current SR, and Highest CSR.

    (Do note: Since we are so close to the Helmet, out of respect for Omega Black Two veterans, we will be a little more strict)

Lt: MarkassAurelius
Leader: TimeTube96626

Achilles Body Armor Unlocked: 7/23/2016
-Joining now will not grant you the Achilles Body Armor but you are able to assist towards the helmet. (76% - 41/62)

Head to the forums and meet your team!

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