Spartan Company

Fireteam DeathStrike

Fireteam DeathStrike

Spartan's Never Die.

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Est. 2/10/2018

Welcome Spartan's: To Fireteam DeathStrike. We will be Helping You! Achieve the Achilles and leveling up the Following Kill Commendation's - If you want to Join the Spartan Company - Message the Company Founder or Lieutenant's. There will be a Set of Rules for Company below. Read this Company Bio before Joining please.

We are also a Competitive Team throughout Halo 5 Guardians and Within the Spartan Company. We are also Active Most the time in the Following Weekends - Depends on the timezone's everyone lives In. if you have School, Work or Family to Attend to that comes First.

If you are going to be inactive Message us why, so we know about it. Because if you don't, We will remove you. Team Players and Communication is Required to Join. The Banter is Great in this Company. We are Family and Friends as We work together to Achieve our Goal.

if this Company isn't for you and the Rules we have don't suit you, Don't Request to Join. This Company was Built on 2nd of October 2018 and We have 49 Members and the More people that Join - Strengthen our Resolve and the Chance of getting Achilles.

Rules for this Company:
*No Sexual Harassments or You will be Removed.
*No Bullying in this Company.
*Remember to Add people of this Company as a Friend - So we know you are Online and Active.
*No Squeakers - No Offence but that's How we are,
*No Team Killing in Games of Warzone or Arena or You will be Suspended. If it's an Accident - its Fine but the other No!.

Achilles Armour 24%
Achilles Helmet 2%

We will keep you Updated with the Kill Commendations as they progress. Message Gromit1965 - Founder of this Company, if you have any Questions about us and What we do in our Spare time. Spartan's Never Die!

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