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Spartan Company

Rollout Company

Rollout Company

We'll win, no matter the cost.


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Est. 12/31/2016

We're not looking for the best, or a good K/D, or a specific type of player.
We're different. Rollout Company is the place for misfits, players that aren't noobs but can't get first in a game, and those that don't want to join a popular, in-demand company.
  • If you are a squeaker or under the age of 11, don't apply.
  • If you intend to use voice chat, don't use a crappy mic, and don't play when there's a lot of commotion going on. We don't want to hear your screaming baby.
  • If your K/D is lower than 0.2, don't apply. This means you need time to learn and grow as a player, not be carried by a team. Practice!
  • If your K/D is better than 3, don't apply. We are not here to let you carry us and scream about the rest of the Company being bad.
  • Because K/D naturally goes up and down, you will have a margin of error here. Tell us why you should be allowed to join. We may take even those with a 0.15 K/D or a 3.2 K/D. (This does NOT apply to squeakers and cancerous mic users.)
  • Hacking is not allowed. (Does this even need stating anymore?)
  • Griefing and betrayal trolls need not apply.

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