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Halo fanatic since 2001. From split screen couch matches to playing with the same guys scattered across the US. Halo is the reason I own a Xbox.

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Started a YouTube channel. Very new to uploading so feel free to message me tips or what you'd like to see. Check it out below. We upload montages, gameplay, and discuss tips mostly in platinum/diamond team slayer. Feel free to message me your channel and I'll be happy to check it out.

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Spartan Company

Want Another Shot

Want Another Shot

Want another shot?


14 Members

Est. 10/27/2015

No rules just fun.

Grip it and Rip it.

Feel free to message QueenAnRevenge or Neghbrhoodwatch if you have any questions.

Check the company forum for the latest Halo 5 updates and other news. Also feel free to post there.

Visit Halo Gents to see some of our gameplay.
For Mythic Warden Eternal (Warzone Firefight Beta) assassination and whipping click here.
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