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Halo CE:
Played the Campaign on Normal (anniversary edition, on my old account, dontletmegetme)

Halo 2:
Played the campaign on Normal on PC. On a completely different account.

Halo 3:
Played the campaign on Legendary and got the Hayabusa armour, EOD armour and also got the recon armour on the dontletmegetme account.

Halo ODST:
Completed the campaign on Legendary on both accounts. Got 28 out of 30 audio logs on both account too. Got all firefight characters.

Halo Reach:
Completed the campaign on legendary. Got to the rank of Commander Grade 3 on my old account. Also have the military police helmet (all upgrades) on the old account.

Halo 4:
Completed the campaign on Legendary and got to Rank 130 on my old account. Highest ranking is BTB 30. I have almost all armours.

Halo 5 Guardians:
Completed the campaign on Normal. Got to rank 53 and the highest ranking in playlists is Diamond 2. With a KDA of 1.8 in Arena and a KDA of 2.9 in customs.

I started playing halo in 2007 on acmy dontletmegetme account. My combined gamerscore is roughly 10.000.

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