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The Royal Scouts Corps is an elite branch of the United Kingdom Armed Forces and is split into 11 different branches that all cooperate with one another, the Royal Scouts Army (RSA), Royal Scouts Navy (RSN), Royal Scouts Office of Intelligence (RSOI), Royal Scouts Marine Corps (RSMC), Royal Scouts Air Force (RSAF), Royal Scouts Logistics (RSL), Royal Scouts Combat Medical Corps (RSCMC), Royal Scouts Special Operations (RSSO), Royal Scours Military Police (RSMP), Royal Scouts Academy for the Initiation of Service (RSAIS), Royal Scouts Hospital Corps (RSHC) and the Royal Scouts Honour Guards (RSHG), (RSCMC, RSMP and RSHG are subbranches (making it 9 branches and 3 subbranches) and can be enlisted by anybody serving in the RSC, no matter the branch) and serve a much different purpose to many.

Each branch is dependent of one another and all need each other for certain operations (for example, if the Royal Scouts Navy has a carrier that needs aircraft, they would call the Royal Scouts Air Force)

The Royal Scouts Corps branches all have their own responsibilities:

Royal Scouts Army work on ground, fielding vehicles and infantry.

Royal Scouts Air Force are primarily air based.

Royal Scouts Navy are sea based.

Royal Scouts Logistics is the R&D branch of the RSC.

Royal Scouts Office of Intelligence is the intelligence arm of the RSC.

Royal Scouts Marine Corps fight land, sea and air, they are usually based aboard and deployed from ships however they can be based on land too.

Royal Scouts Special Operations is highly advanced fielding top of the line training, equipment etc. They are known to undertake operations that are clandestine, classified, secretive, high risk etc.

Royal Scouts Combat Medical Corps is a subbranch, they're like a combative arm of the Royal Scouts Hospital Corps, however they can be in any branch, known as a “Medic”

Royal Scouts Hospital Corps is the primary medical branch of the RSC, it would be accurate to say they are a military medical service but non combatant, however protecting each RSHC hospital is an RSCMC Medic from any branch that is in a branch that operates on that terrain. (eg, submersible and on sea hospitals are protected by Navy, Marine Corps or Spec Ops if necessary)

Royal Scouts Honour Guards are a subbranch that partake in the main traditional RSC ceremonies (eg, marching the flag to locations)

Royal Scouts Military Police is a subbranch, anybody enlisted in the RSMP are mainly stationed at operating bases, sent out to detain unruly Royal Scouts. When in urban environments, they can also be tasked with patrol, guarding a post and also detain unruly civilians when in a martial-law type state, and the RSC is given control

The Royal Scouts Academy for the Initiation of Service is like a “boot camp”, so to speak. Those who enlist in the RSC are classed as Recruits until they're put into training at the RSAIS, where they would be Cadets and be tested on everything required with every branch to determine where they would be. Upon graduation, they would then be adopted into the ranks of any branches, advanced training opens them up to opportunities for other subbranches or branches, including the RSSO.

Current commanding officers:
General of the Royal Scouts Army:
GRSA Eric Jones

General of the Royal Scouts Marine Corps:
GRSMC Oscar Connors

General of the Royal Scouts Air Force:
GRSAF Tony Jakob

General of the Royal Scouts Special Operations:

Admiral of the Royal Scouts Navy:
ARSN Charlie Nelson

General of the Royal Scouts Corps:
GRSC Edward Grylls

Commander in Chief of the Royal Scouts Corps:
Her Majesty The Queen

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