[Name: Michael Gibson]
[SPARTAN Tag: 30013-1345P]
[Rank: First Lieutenant]
[Call Sign: Ragnrock]
[FireTeam: Phoenix 3 - 5]
[Specialization: Heavy Weapon Ordnance, Anti Infantry Tactics Specialist]

Character Description
[Gender: Male]
[Age: 30]
[Skin: Fair]
[Hair: Mid-length, Wavy, brown]
[Eyes: Light blue eyes]
[Height: 2.057m/6'9]
[Weight:113.4 kilograms (250 lb)]
[Build: Muscular]
[Ethnicity: English - Northern Yorkshire Accent]
[Origin Of Home: Classified]
[Sparta Generation: Fourth Generation (IV)]
[Primary Weapon: M7057 Flamethrower]
[Secondly Weapon: BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle]
[Armor Type: Full Grenadier Armor (Jet Black primary color Dark Teal secondary color) thou the armor has been modified to fit the M7057 fuel tank along with emergency protocols and redundancy in cause of a tank would be damage or breach, the armor is also modified to endure the severe heat from the flamethrower]
[His Left Shoulder plate is scratched from a bullet that had hit through his personal shielding]
[His right plate is painted a Grizzly Tank with a sexy looking Female UNSC marine riding it]

Spartan Company

Demoted Dead Man

Demoted Dead Man

The Dead Cant Be Demoted.


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Est. 11/6/2015

Spartan Company Demoted Dead Man Is A Fast Hit And Run Company Using The Night As Cover To Cause Chaos And Fear To Cripple Any Movement And Destroy The Moral Of The Enemy.

Most Times They Will Be Deployed To Zones With Thick Firefights And Long Time Battles That Need To Be Unlocked So Deployed Units Can Move Forwards With There OPs.

Demoted Dead Man Can Be Deployed To Any Zone No Matter The Weather, Battlefield Or Odds This Make Them Also A Great Fast Act Reinforcement Unit If They Should Be Needed.

Demoted Dead Man Will Take Any Spartans Or ODST Troopers Most Times As Long As They Can Work Well In A Team The Company Is Not Know For They Lone Wolves Members.

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